Learning at Work

What are the benefits?

Partnership Masters Programme (Postgraduate)

Benefits to you

  • Your existing knowledge counts towards the degree award.
  • You gain a university qualification without having to take a career break.
  • Learning through work-based projects reduces the amount of leisure time you have to spend studying.
  • You learn what you need as you need it.
  • You can tailor the pace of learning to suit demands on your time.
  • Learning leads to professional and career enhancement.

Benefits to your employer

  • Staff education brings commercial and strategic awareness.
  • Commercially valuable work projects are part of the learning programme.
  • The organisation gains knowledge of best practice and the latest technologies from work-based projects.
  • University tutors provide new knowledge and advice.
  • Better qualified staff enhance the organisation's leadership position.
  • Staff who have been supported to gain Partnership qualifications show increased loyalty to their employers.
  • Employee motivation is increased as they develop their skills.