Marketing and Sales


Our marketing research analyses existing and emerging business models and consumer segments, giving businesses better insights about their markets and how consumers buy products and services. It covers the areas of i) advertising and branding, ii) digital marketing, iii) services marketing and tourism, and iv) marketing and society.

  • Our work focuses on these main themes:the evolving landscape of advertising and branding
  • understanding consumer decision-making
  • omnichannel promotion and distribution
  • maximising revenue for services and online realms
  • exploring the relationship between marketing and society

We apply quantitative research methods such as regressions, experiments, and structural equation models to measure causal effects on the variables of interest. We also use qualitative research techniques such as ethnography and grounded theory to explore consumer decision processes at a detailed level.

We publish our findings in national and international journals such as the Journal of Advertising, the Journal of Interactive Marketing, the Journal of Business Research, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Management Studies, Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research, Industrial Marketing Management, the European Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Business Ethics.

A list of our researchers and their research interests can be found here.

A list of our journal and conference publications can be found here.

Post Graduate Research Degree students are an important part of our research culture. Our research community is made up of both full and part-time Post Graduate Research Degree students who are working on PhD and DBA programmes.  Our students are working on novel topics within areas such as mobile advertising, health communication and social media.

A list of our PhD students can be found here.


If you would like to find out more about how we can help your organisation with research, please contact Professor Yuksel Ekinci.