Mechanical Behaviour of Materials

We have an international reputation for applied research into the fatigue and fracture of materials in partnership with leading industry collaborators from the defence and healthcare sectors.

Our research

  • Biomechanics and Biomaterials

    Our researchers are concerned with the understanding of mechanics and mechanisms in musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and biological systems under physiological loading conditions. A key interest has been in developing a fundamental understanding of fixation integrity of cemented joint replacement.

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    Biomechanics and Biomaterials
  • Materials and Structural Integrity

    Applied research into fatigue and fracture of aero-engine materials and components has been carried out at Portsmouth for over 30 years in collaboration with the aerospace industry. The materials studied include nickel, titanium and aluminium alloys for aeroengines and aeroframes, and composites for satellites and wind turbines.

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    Materials and Structural Integrity

Our facilities

  • Mecahnical Behaviour of Materials laboratory

    The MBM laboratory contains equipment for fatigue, fracture mechanics and vibration research for aerospace materials and biomechanics of in vitro and in situ applications. Unique facilities include a hip simulator for fatigue testing of fixation in hip and knee replacements, and an electromagnetic shaker system.

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    Mecahnical Behaviour of Materials laboratory

Professor Jie Tong, Director, Mechanical Behaviour of Materials