about us

The University of Portsmouth Nursery was established in 1979 and provides full day care for children aged six months to five years. The nursery is a student facility, although sometimes places do become available for the children of University staff. The children of students are given priority over children of University members of staff.

Any registered University of Portsmouth student, studying 6 hours or more per week or any member of staff is eligible to apply for a nursery place. There is a waiting list, which is longest for the children aged under two years. Parents are recommended to apply for a nursery place as early as possible as a place on a University of Portsmouth course does not guarantee a nursery place.

The Nursery is registered with OFSTED​. Our registration number is 143572 and the date of our registration is 06/02/1997

The nursery uses the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and operates on High/Scope principles.


The building is specially designed for nursery use and is divided into three separate rooms for the three age groups of children. The nursery building has lots of natural light, with skylights and windows down to child height, making it a very pleasant space to play and work in.

The nursery building is secure for children and staff with a swipe card entry for staff and a video/audio entry system to let parents in.

The nursery has a large landscaped outdoor play area with a separate play space for children under two years old. The landscaped area includes safe surfacing, artificial grass (Trulawn), real grass with a small hill, a quiet area with seating, a play den, a small climbing frame and a growing area for vegetables and flowers.


Morning: 8:30am- 12:30pm
Lunch: 12:30pm-1:30pm
Afternoon: 1:30pm-5:30pm

The nursery is able to stay open until 6:00pm for those parents who have a lecture scheduled until that time. An authorisation form must be completed in advance for a 6:00pm collection. Parents are able to drop off and collect their child at any time during their allocated session.

The minimum number of sessions a child may attend is four per week.

Child to adult ratios

Children's groupsApprox agesChild: adult ratio
Butterflies 6 months-2 years 3:1 (max 9 children:3 staff)
Bumblebees 2-3 years 4:1 (max 12 children:3 staff)
Ladybirds 3-5 years 6:1 (max 16 children:3 staff)

Staff includes 3 management staff, 1 floating staff and 2 lunch staff

The nursery is registered to accept 38 children per session aged between 6 months and 5 years, between September and June and fewer children are accepted during the Summer and Easter vacations.


The nursery is staffed by 2 part time Managers, a Deputy Manager and 14 part-time and full-time Nursery Practitioners. All staff are experienced and qualified in childcare.