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Angela Yu

  • Qualifications: TBC
  • Role Title: PhD student
  • Address: Richmond Building Portland Street Portsmouth PO1 3DE
  • Telephone: TBA
  • Email: UP345465@myport.ac.uk
  • Department: Operations and Systems Management
  • Faculty: Portsmouth Business School


Nationality: TBC - Director of studies: Professor Ashraf Labib - Year of graduation: 2018

How to build a more effective supply chain with Lean, Agile and Green supply chain integration: A case study of global shoe companies in China.

Thesis summary

Competitiveness of businesses in the global market requires cooperation and partnerships across supply chains (Cabral et al, 2011). Crucial factors to ensure businesses success on a constantly changing global environment have been identified as collaboration between organizations with clear and transparent communication between their systems and applications, and a quick respond to the market demand (Jardim-Goncalves, 2006).

Businesses with different product types manage their supply chain in different ways. Mason-Jones (2000) identified three such ways of supply chain management. For example, mechanical precision manufacturer adopted lean; the USA carpet maker implemented a parallel supply chain, lean and agile; electronics products employed the leagile global supply chain.

Lean is a philosophy which provides a way to do more with less, e.g. less effort, less time, less overhead cost (Cabral et al, 2011). The agile concept emphasizes the ability to respond quickly to changes in marketing demand (Fan et al, 2007).

Green has become as an organizational philosophy that aims to achieve corporate profit and market share objectives by reducing environmental risks and impacts (Rao et al, 2005), and is good not just for the environment but also for the business (McCrea, 2009).

This research will focus on the global shoe industry, and in particular the supply chain from where shoes are manufactured in China (raw materials and manufacture), and North America (design, distribution and sales).