Operations and Systems Management

The Operations and Systems Management Subject Group delivers international standard research and undertakes research projects that impact industry and society at both national and global level. Our strength lies in cutting edge research into business process innovation through developing and adopting emerging techniques and technologies. We welcome doctoral research into many areas particularly the following:

  • Logistics management and modelling, virtualisation, business process innovation
  • Decision science, multiple criteria decision analysis, intelligent systems
  • ICT adoption and impact, developing business systems (CRM, SCM. ERP, e-commerce), IS service and infrastructure
  • Quality management, six sigma, organisational excellence
  • Business intelligence, data mining, information processing, knowledge management, system thinking

We welcome PhD research applications from individuals who have an interest in any of the areas above. Please contact us by email to discuss your research ideas and research proposals.

Potential Phd Supervisors:

Dr Maria Barbati

Dr Philip Brabazon

Dr Huijing Chen

Professor Alessio Ishizaka

Professor Ashraf Labib

Dr Debbie Reed

Dr Martin Read

Dr Jana Ries

Professor Mark Xu