Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management

Potential supervisors

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HRM, Global HRM and Leadership

Valerie Anderson

  • Standards and Standardisation in HRM
  • Talent Management
  • Managerial coaching and mentoring
  • International Human Resource Development
  • Qualitative research methods

Cheryl Brook

  •  Human Resource Development

Emma Brown

  • Managerial behavior and management of people
  • PhD student satisfaction

Hamid Foroughi

  • Leadership storytelling

Liza Howe-Walsh

  • Women in leadership and global leadership competencies
  • Expatriation (self-initiated, repatriation)
  • Global HR policy development
  • Women’s development in the Middle East

Karen Johnston

  • Leadership
  • Public management
  • Public sector and public-private-voluntary sector partnership
  • Gender and equalities

Foteini Kravariti

  • Human Resource Management and Practices
  • Human Resource Development
  • National culture and its impact on business procedures
  • Talent management

Yi-Ling Lai

  • Evidence-based coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Talent Management 

James McCalman

  •  Leadership, Governance and Regulation in the Banking and Finance Sectors
  • Leadership challenges and the politics of change
  • Leading large-scale organizational change
  • Leadership development and coaching

Michele Towell

  •  Performance Management 
  • Coaching, mentoring and Employee Development
  • Management Development
  • Leadership

Alex Tymon

  • Leadership development

Rui Yang

  • Gender and equality at workplace

Workplace Learning and Development

Valerie Anderson

  •  Professional / Business Education and Pedagogy
  • Learning gain and employability
  • Technology Enhanced Learning and e-Learning
  • Qualitative research methods

Cheryl Brook

  • Learning and development at the workplace
  • Action Learning

Foteini Kraraviti

  •  Research collaboration in higher education and its driving factors

Michele Towell

  • Learning and Development

Alex Tymon

  • `Significant learning`
  •   Graduate Employability and proactive personality
  • Career management teaching
  • Leadership development
  • Reflective learning
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Business Ethics and CSR

Matthew Anderson

  • Business ethics and corporate citizenship
  • Corporate social responsibility and sustainability
  • Civil society campaigns and social regulation
  • Fair Trade movement and stakeholder networks

Wenjin Dai

  • Corporate Sustainability
  • CSR in China
  • CSR communication
  • Ethnography, interview, visual methods

Rui Yang

  • Corporate non-market strateg
  • corporate Political Activity
  • CSR

Employment Relations and International Comparative Employment Relations

Iona Byford

  •  Trade unions
  • Trade union organizing
  • Young workers

Yvonne Rueckert

  • International comparative employment relations
  • Global trade union organizations
  • International Framework Agreements

Peter Scott

  • Employment relations
  • Disability and work
  • Technological change, work and employment
  • Regional devolution and employment relations

Stephen Williams

  • Employment relations
  • Work and employment relationships
  • Trade unions and labour politics
  • Sociology of work and employment
  • Comparative employment relations

Organisation Studies and Organisational Behaviour

Wenjin Dai

  • Organization theories and organizing
  • Sociology of translation, materiality
  • ‘Eastern’ philosophies

Hamid Foroughi

  • Change, resistance and politics in organizations (using ethnographic and narrative approaches)
  • Social memory, collective forgetting and identity
  • Corporate irresponsibility

Foteini Kravariti

  • Organisational culture

Yi-Ling Lai

  • Social identity theory and organization theories
  • Organizational behavior

Lorenzo Todorow

  • Dialogue theory
  • Application of dialogue within cross-organizational collaborations

Rui Yang

  • Institutional theories
  • Social capital and social network theory