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Portsmouth LinkUP offers an exclusive networking platform for our alumni. Allowing you to search and interact with fellow business alumni or expand your reach and communicate with the wider University of Portsmouth Alumni community.

You can find further, more detailed information about the overall benefits of joining the Portsmouth LinkUP on the University Alumni Association pages, or log in to the platform and explore for yourself.

Portsmouth LinkUP business alumni benefits


Portsmouth LinkUP allows you to mentor and share knowledge with fellow alumni and/or our current student population with complete control over the amount of mentees you assist, and when you assist them. This is a great way to share your expertise and network with like-minded professionals from the comfort of your own home or workplace.



The platform allows you to register your interest in getting involved with the Business School as a volunteer both at home and on campus. When registering with the platform, simply select ways in which you would like to contribute and we will contact you when opportunities arise that may be of interest.

Find out about types of opportunities that are available within the Business School here.


Business Alumni Groups (launching 2017)

The introduction of alumni groups will offer the opportunity to join online communities within the platform that are of interest and significance to you. Interact with like-minded individuals, discover the latest information or simply reunite and stay in touch with your fellow cohort.