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Business Consultancy Project

Have you identified an issue in your business but don't have the time nor resource to dedicate to it?

Perhaps our talented business students can help with a business consultancy project?

Business Consultancy Projects (BCP) involves small teams of students from a wide range of business courses in our Faculty of Business and Law working with local organisations, of all types, to investigate specific business challenges or opportunities and produce practical solutions. Clients benefit from having a fresh set of minds, from diverse backgrounds, analysing your business challenge independently.

For our students, the aim of BCP is to develop their employability skills by designing and delivering a consultancy project based on a genuine business challenge. Students provide their clients with regular updates and deliver a final project presentation and a written report.

We have 76 projects arranged for this year, with over 380 students taking part, from more than 40 nations. The projects are running from mid‐October to mid‐March.

On 3 April 2019, we will hold our annual awards evening that celebrates the contribution of client organisations and the achievements of the students involved.

I genuinely feel that this kind of support from our team is utterly invaluable to the future success of any start‐up company and I would highly recommend engaging a business consultancy project to more clearly define a market offer” . Becky Lodge – Founder, Start‐Up Disruptors.

We were extremely impressed with the team’s professionalism, ability to communicate well, intelligence and creativity in delivering this project”. Robert Bentley, Business Development Manager, Deson Kitchens Ltd.

"It was just a nice experience working with a small local business and seeing them actually taking our advice and the positive effect that we were making on them". Quote from student feedback.

How do I get involved?

Applications for 2019/20 will be open from January 2019, but if you would like some more information regarding Business Consultancy Projects, please email studentprojects@port.ac.uk and one of our team will be pleased to help you.

Business Consultancy Projects 2018/19 55KB

An introduction to the Business Consultancy Projects


Client Briefing presentations 1.6MB

Business Consultancy Projects Client Briefing 2018/19 Presentation of our client briefing held on 9th October 2018


If you want to get involved in other ways with us, or find out about our many other events for businesses, please email us on bsro@port.ac.uk