FTIS 2018 Call for Papers

The deadline for abstract submissions has now passed, for any further enquiries please contact the FTIS committee FTIS2018@gmail.com

Please download the detailed Call for Papers

The extended abstract should NOT include author names. The coversheet should include the following information: title of the paper, authors’ names and affiliation, conference track theme and keywords. Submissions should also include a short abstract (max. 150 words) to be included in the conference proceedings. 


Researchers and practitioners who would like to present a paper are invited to submit an extended abstract (5 pages written in English). Paper sessions will include time for audience questions and feedback. Full papers will be eligible for a Best Conference Paper Award.

The abstract should include the theme addressed, the applied theory and methodology, the results obtained and the main bibliography. The abstract should not contain any reference to authors’ names, either in the text or in the bibliography.


Participants are also given the opportunity to submit a 1 page abstract for poster presentations. Poster abstracts can be written in English, French or Spanish. Limited translation support will be provided, but authors are encouraged to consider an effective presentation format for an international audience.


A workshop is a working meeting that focuses on a specific area related to the conference themes. Proposals for workshops should be 3-5 pages in length. Workshop convenors will not be anonymous to the reviewers.

The proposal should include a brief overview of the area of research, teaching or practice that will be addressed; a summary of the session’s planned activities; and a brief discussion of the workshop leaders and some tentatively identified participants.

A workshop session can require participants to read and prepare feedback on one another’s abstracts or do some other preparation prior to the session.

PhD Workshop

The emphasis of the PhD workshop is on personal academic and research development. The session will be limited to a maximum of 10 students who will each have the opportunity to make a presentation providing a summary of their work and outlining questions and issues for discussion. The workshop will also be attended by a small number of more experienced and senior academics who will provide guidance and support.

Abstracts for the PhD workshop should be 3-5 pages in length. Delegates should outline their current, or proposed, PhD research project including details of the background literature, applied theory and methodology, (tentative) findings and the main bibliography.