Past Events


June 2018 - Fair Trade International Symposium 2018

June 2017 - 5th European Research Conference on Microfinance 


Business Events 

November 2018 - Big Networking Night #BNN2018

April 2018 - #BusinessTalk: Challenges to Implementing Leadership Coaching.

April 2018 - Business Consultancy Projects Awards and Networking.

March 2018 - #BusinessTalk: Dynamic Pricing with Uber.

February 2017 - #BusinessTalk: How to Engage with Professional Buyers

December 2017 - #BusinessTalk: Leadership: What can business leaders learn from Managers in Sport?

May 2017 - Degree Apprenticeships: Is your business missing out?

March 2017 - No Staff, No Money, No Business - Can UK Business Recruitment Survive BREXIT

December 2016 - How Degree Apprenticeships Can Work for You.

November 2016 - Conservation, Culture, Commerce and Crime: Addressing the Problem of Ivory and Rhino Horn Product Markets. 

October 2016 - Facing the Future: How Futures and Foresight Can Enable Strategic Alignment.

June 2016 - grows! It doesn't just happen!