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Developing champions: the role of key account managers in complex business relationships

  • Date: 21 October 2015

Sales directors report considerable difficulty in recruiting and developing key account managers who can design and lead value-creating projects which capture the imagination of customers at Board level. Although responsible for revenue targets, key account managers have to understand all aspects of the customer’s business and their own in order to demonstrate thought leadership and deliver innovation. Winning account managers are strategic thinkers, transformational leaders and can also do the detail on value-mapping. Who are these champions, and how can organisations identify potential talent and develop them to their full potential?

This workshop included ten learning points and an exercise in "boundary-spanning" - putting yourself in the customer's shoes!

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‌Adrian Logan, Visiting Fellow at Portsmouth Business School and Member of the Sales Performance Association Board, was Sales Programme Executive at Siemens plc for ten years and continues his involvement in their sales talent programmes as a consultant. Adrian was a key player in the design and implementation of Siemens best-in-class Lead Account Management programme.

Dr Beth Rogers has been teaching, researching and consulting on key account management since 1994 in a variety of countries, most recently South Africa. She is currently working with Professor Malcolm McDonald on key account management in small businesses.