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Advanced Facebook Marketing: The latest changes, best practice tips and techniques

  • Date: 16 March 2016
  • Time: 5.30pm
  • Venue: Richmond Building

Marie Page is a senior consultant and trainer at The Digiterati, a team of experienced senior marketing practitioners with backgrounds in world-leading brands, agencies and technology startups.

Marie has 15 years experience teaching in a wide variety of situations: postgraduate university courses, in-company training and mentoring, international conferences and also training for professional organisations including The Chartered Institute of Marketing where she has also worked as a digital marketing examiner.

She’s also had many years experience on both client and agency side in social media marketing, runs an award-winning e-commerce company and manages one of the most engaged Facebook Pages in the UK. This year she worked on social media at the Glastonbury festival as one of many client contracts.

As one of the UK’s leading Facebook marketing experts, Marie is the author of the Smart Insights book “Smarter Guide to Facebook Marketing” edited by all round digital supremo, Dr Dave Chaffey, now in its fourth edition and the recently published Facebook Ads Guide.

Marie presented a summary of all the latest changes on Facebook and what you need to do to make the most of them. Including:

  • Recent changes to Pages and posts including Page calls to action, post end dates and targeting options
  • “Publishing Tools” for admins including how to search your archive posts plus scheduling options for planning content
  • Getting competitions right
  • New developments in the Edgerank algorithm: exactly why is your reach so poor nowadays?
  • The very latest on harnessing the power of video


 Iva Atanassova is a PhD Researcher and a Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing at Portsmouth Business School. Before joining academia, Iva held a marketing communications role within an international advertising agency. Her research interests include online marketing strategies, social media effectiveness measurements, SME marketing, and dynamic capabilities.

Iva presented her PhD research that investigates SME Social Media practices and their implications for marketing development.

Social Media could potentially supply valuable market intelligence to fill the SME resource gap and reduce uncertainty by leveraging their real-time market knowledge, resource-matching abilities, learning and marketing capabilities. To understand the diverse Social Media practices taking place in different SMEs, a theoretical model is built on the dynamic capability foundation. This model helps to structure the research around key constructs of the process of capability formation through the application of real time market intelligence, by at the same time accounts for participants’ individual understanding, unstructured networking process, and unique business characteristics. Six case studies with SMEs from the Hampshire area are currently developed and some preliminary findings will be shared.