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Levy Paying Organisations

Working with your provider - Levy paying Organisations

If you are an organisation with a pay bill of over £3m you will be subject to paying 0.5 per cent levy for apprenticeships. You have a choice of how to spend your levy but it may be that you are interested in developing your existing talent or recruiting new talent to support to level 6 and 7 (Degree Apprenticeships).

We have successfully been running the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship since 2016 which is expanding each year, we are welcoming the MBA Strategic Leadership (Level 7) Degree Apprenticeship in September 2018.

Listening to employer demand we are currently working as providers within trailblazing teams to launch further business related Degree Apprenticeships both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, please look at our main pages to see what we are offering from September 2018 onwards.

The degree apprenticeship team wish to work closely with employers, degree apprentices and mentors to ensure that maximum benefit is gained in terms of transferability of knowledge, skills and professional behaviours directly into the work place.  Therefore, through this three way relationship we can identify meaningful projects and assignments that are relevant to your business through our strong focus on work based learning at degree level.  We believe that the responsibility to ensure that the value of Degree Apprenticeships is upheld is with all stakeholders. 

How do I recruit?

As a large organisation, you may not need assistance from the University to recruit or select appropriate candidates but we are here if you need us:-

  • To provide further information to ensure that the Degree Apprenticeship will reflect your organisation’s needs
  • To advise on selection criteria to be eligible for the Degree Apprenticeship courses
  • To provide further information regarding the course – the design and delivery
  • To guide through the funding

If you call our dedicated Operations Managers on +44 023 9284 4213. We can arrange for the dedicated team to visit you at your organisation. It would be great to communicate your interest in place(s) early on so that your existing staff have the chance to work to help design a work programme for you.

Employer requirements

Together we have an opportunity to transform business education.  To provide education that is relevant to your organisation’s needs.  By developing either existing employees or recruiting new apprentices whilst they are working with you they can practice their new skills and knowledge learnt at University by contributing to your organisation goals.

The commitment required to fulfil this from employers are:

  • To release the Degree Apprentice from their work environment on days required to attend University
  • To ensure line managers are supportive of their studies – helping to identify appropriate work-based problems, supporting the apprentice to practice their new skills.
  • If available, to suggest appropriate mentors, if is a manager’s first opportunity to mentor amd apprentice the University can support with training (free two day course during summer period)
  • Levy paying organisations would pay for fees fully from their levy digital account

We would also strongly encourage that you join us at number of our Business Talks that are held throughout the year.


Please see the testimonials from the 2016 cohort.