Portsmouth Business School

Our Facilities

Technical Support

We have a designated Technical Services unit (TSU) that provide technical and pedagogical support to academic staff and students. The team applies their technical expertise to help academic staff to explore engaging ways of delivering teaching content to enrich the student learning experience. Students with any questions relating to Moodle, our online learning platform, can drop into the TSU at any time between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm.

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The Business Simulation Suite


The Business Simulation Suite (BSS) is a modern, flexible and technologically enhanced facility for learning through the practical application of “doing” in a simulated context. It is a unique knowledge resource which enables: Excellence in education through the use of innovative ways of teaching, learning and assessing, including the practical use of new technologies/software; Learning through participant observation and feedback; the development of new ways of engaging with students, business and the community through replicating real life decision making in a safe, non- risk environment.

The TEAL Studio


Portsmouth Business School has invested in a new type of classroom, called a 'TEAL Studio. The students sit at special tables each seating groups of nine students, who are organised in three teams of three. Each table is provided with a large LED display touch screen/computer combo, and three laptops.

Technology enhanced active learning (TEAL) is a teaching format that merges lectures, simulations and hands-on desktop experiments to create a rich collaborative learning experience.

Please view our video for further information.

The Bloomberg Suite


Students can access the same data, analytics and software used by city traders by using one of the terminals located in Portsmouth Business School Bloomberg Suite. Bloomberg terminals, used by financial professionals daily to make fast-paced investment, trading and financial decisions will allow students to monitor and analyse real-time financial market data movements and trade virtually.  This system is used by over a quarter of a million finance professionals globally.

The Court Room


The Portsmouth Law School is proud of its state-of-the-art mock courtroom where students can develop skills they will need in practice. The courtroom is very realistic and looks like a Crown Court, and even has the Royal Coat of Arms placed above the judge’s seat, reflecting that justice is administered on behalf of the Crown. There is a witness stand and a space for jurors, together with a “dock” for defendants. A distinctive feature of the courtroom is the provision of four ceiling mounted cameras. We can therefore film student advocates, download the film and use it as a tool to show the student what went wrong – and what went right!