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MBA Company Support

Company support

The benefits of MBA education, including enhanced leadership capabilities and the immediate application of new knowledge and skills at work, can be articulated in a compelling case for company support and discussed as part of career development planning.

Company support can include financial assistance provided by the employer through sponsorship or simply giving employees time off work to complete their MBA studies. Further information about sponsorship is provided by the University's Academic Registry Team.

Organisational support also encompasses flexible working and increased recognition of MBA knowledge and skills in future hiring and promotion decisions.

Aligned with staff development and retention initiatives, MBA candidates are encouraged to explore the potential for company support as an expression of mutual investment for mutual gain. Please refer to our Employer's Guide to the MBA resource for assistance in compiling a business case.

Discounted MBA tuition fees for company support of employees

Portsmouth Business School offers a 20% discount on tuition fees when a company supports two or more of its employees enrolling on the Executive MBA course in the same academic year. This reduction in fees applies to all employees from the same organisation who begin the Portsmouth MBA course together as part of the same cohort. (The tuition fee concession applies only to the Portsmouth Executive MBA course and not to other postgraduate courses at the University of Portsmouth.)

MBA tuition fees are paid over two academic years, with Year 2 tuition subject to annual increase, based on the most current RPI-X percentage change available when setting the fees.

Further information can be provided by the MBA Admissions Team.