Portsmouth Business School

Isambard Kingdom Brunel Fellowship Scheme

Professor Karen Johnston (PBS) and Professor Robert Cameron (University of Cape Town, South Africa) reflect on the role and governance of public and private sector partnerships in local economic development in the UK and in South Africa.

Professor Ashraf Labib (PBS) and Professor Tamer Atteya (Tanta University, Egypt)  talk about the science of making better decisions, and how the use of multiple objective programming for multiple decision makers can help in this regard.

Dr. Vijay Pereira (PBS) and Professor Debi Saini (Management Development Institute, Haryana, India) discuss how they are collaborating on themes relating to International and Strategic Human Resource Management in the context of emerging market economies, with a particular focus upon India.

Professor Giampaolo Viglia and Ass. Professor Lorenzo Masiero discuss how consumers can put in place strategic behaviours to respond to dynamic pricing policies in the hospitality industry.

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