Portsmouth Business School

About our SAP Next-Gen Lab

Who we are

Portsmouth Business School joined forces with the School of Computing in the Faculty of Technology and the Institute of Industrial Research to provide focus for research into enterprise management, analytics and data visualisation that involves digital innovation. SAP Next-Gen Lab Portsmouth is a community that support 'SAP Leonardo', a digital information system that connects people to businesses and to 'things' in the environment. It supports the extension of business and enterprise outside of company borders, where information about assets and operational status is captured and fed back to company's information system in real-time to provide meaningful insight through the use of digital twins, real time analytics via in-memory data processing, automatics adaption of asset behaviours via machine learning, the impact of artificial intelligence on business strategies, and new financial instruments. SAP Next-Gen Innovation Lab Portsmouth seeks to help companies use SAP software to meet the challenges of the modern era, by linking enterprise systems to the people who are a company's stakeholders and the internet of things, and to educate bright young people who will take part in those endeavours as part of their careers. We will do that through teaching, consultancy, events and software taster sessions and proofs of concept for business.

Our Aim

The core aim of the SAP Next-Gen Innovation Lab Portsmouth is to bring together research in areas of enterprise management, in-memory computing, business and data analytics, mechanisms of better customer engagement, enhancement of talent management and human resource management, and optimisation of procurement. We will engage with local, national and global companies, to link SAP-experienced students with companies, and vice versa, to further student education, and to support businesses using SAP in their global operations. We aim to engage with Knowledge Transfer Partnerships where suitable projects present themselves, to help further the SAP Leonardo research agenda, and to help companies to become real time businesses.

Our Principles

  • Development of students through real world exposure to genuine business problems via Innojams, design thinking and consultancy with Lab Partners.
  • National leadership of the SAP Next-Gen Innovation Framework alongside SAP SE, the SAP University Alliances, and University Competence Centres.
  • Research into the enhancement of the enterprise to help create real-time businesses able to refine their strategies through instant access to data.
  • Enhanced collaboration with larger enterprises that seek academic partners in the area of digital business, innovation, transformation and analytics.
  • Development of research income related to the use of SAP systems to collate, analyse, distribute, and coordinate data vital to companies and their staff.