Next-Gen Research


Portsmouth Business School and the Institute of Industrial Research (IIR), and others, have examined the need for fraud detection in automate auditing of accounts, and an event held in March 2017 examined this:

  • Machine learning in financial services - research focussed on how small companies could compete with the big four in terms of assessing what is 'normal' in financial transactions as a way to highlighting abnormal changes that might represent fraud. This research was included in a presentation at the first Financial Services Boot Camp, held by SAP at its Potsdam Innovation Centre.
  • Creating the internet of things - research looked at how companies like Arqiva is working with SIGFOX to roll out ultra-narrow band low power networks to connect things to the internet, and hence to create an internet of things that links people, companies and things together in one information sharing network. 
  • SAP Next-Gen Innovation Lab Portsmouth is looking for research projects around the SAP digital core, analytics, and data warehousing for postgraduate students to get involved with. Companies wishing to partner with Portsmouth should contact either Research Director Dr Jana Ries:; or Co-Director David Starkey:

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