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Mind-Mapping Places

Image by Dr Anastasia Karandinou
Image by Dr Anastasia Karandinou


The main issue explored through this cross-disciplinary project is the following: can architecture enhance its tools and methods by examining how the brain waves respond to spatial phenomena? Architects have been assessing the way spaces are experienced by the use of video, questionnaires and observation. What if one could actually access what is really happening in the human brain, and had the capacity to interpret effectively these readings? We consider this to hold great potential for the design of both urban and interior spaces: urban environments, exhibition spaces, museums, galleries, workspaces and so on.

The aim of this project is two-fold: On the one hand, we attempt to examine and optimise the way in which EEG technology and methods are used. On the other hand, we attempt to investigate the implications of the brain monitoring practices for architecture and other design disciplines. We aim to examine how specific aspects of a physical environment impact upon the brain activity of individuals; and how the changes of a specific attribute of space impacts upon individual brain activity.

Key Details

  • PI: Dr Anastasia Karandinou
  • Collaborator: Dr Louise Turner, Health Sciences
  • Funding: RAF £5000

For more information

Further information on this current project will be available soon. Please email us (anastasia.karandinou@port.ac.uk) if you would like to participate in one of the experiments, get to know how the equipment we use works and receive updates and findings of this project.