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Research by Design

Linking education, practice and research

Stella Maris Project by Heliopolis 21
Stella Maris Project by Heliopolis 21

Guest Speakers

  • Dorian Wisniewski, University of Edinburgh
  • Javier Arpa, The Why Factory, TU Delft
  • Thomas Auer, TU Munich
  • Yeoryia Manolopoulou, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

The Symposium

This two-day symposium explores the synergies between education, practice and research. Research in schools of architecture is often at multi-layered crossroads spanning several approaches, disciplines and methods. While traditional academic scholarship has been historically recognised, the links between design and research have only recently gained force.

The symposium aims to respond to the challenges encountered by the architectural research community when conducting and presenting work that involves the designing of cities, buildings, the re-use of historic sites, of placemaking, and the use of new technologies. It does so by asking:

  • How can research by design be further legitimised?
  • What are the methods and strategies employed to effectively create, apply, critique and share knowledge developed through practice?
  • What is the future of documentation and its multifarious representations and how do we capture this process?
  • How can research by design contribute in responding to contemporary global challenges?

To engage in these questions this symposium brings together world leading professionals and academics in a series of presentations, discussions and round table.

The Programme

Day 1 – Monday 11 June 2018

09:00 Arrival and coffee (EW 1.09)
09:25 Opening (EW 1.10)

Session 1: History, Design and Criticism

Chair: Alessandro Melis

09:30 Research-By-Design: A Trans Historical Modality

Dorian Wisniewski, University of Edinburgh


Wymering Manor: ordinary matters and everyday practices in at-risk historic sites

Belinda Mitchell and Karen Fielder, University of Portsmouth


Bodily Environments

Antonino Di Raimo, University of Portsmouth
11:10 Discussion
11:30 Coffee break (EW 1.09)

Session 2: Research by Design, Innovation and Education

Chair: Pablo Martinez


The Why Factory: Research, Education and Public Engagement

Javier Arpa, The Why Factory, TU Delft

Urban Dwelling Patterns

Roberto Braglia and Dan Blott, University of Portsmouth

13:10 Discussion
13:30 Lunch (EW 1.09)

Session 3: Cities and Global Challenges

Chair: Fabiano Lemes


Lost in Transformation

Thomas Auer, TU Munich

Significance and Impact of Design-led Research: three case studies

Alessandro Melis, University of Portsmouth


Turning Spaces into Places

Guido Robazza, University of Portsmouth
16:10 Discussion
16:30 Closing

Day 2 – Tuesday 12 June 2018


Arrival and coffee (EW 1.09)

09:55 Opening

Session 4: The Future of Research by Design

Chair: Belinda Mitchell

10:00 Unpacking Design Research

Yeoryia Manolopoulou, University College London


Research by Design and the REF - Round Table

Yeoryia Manolopoulou, Dorian Wisniewski and Thomas Auer

12:30 Closing
12:35 Lunch (EW 1.09)

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