Self-funded PhD opportunities

Investigating mitochondrial redox alterations as anti-cancer therapeutic targets

  • Application end date: Applications accepted all year round
  • Funding Availability: Self-funded PhD students only
  • Department: School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
  • PhD Supervisor: Dr Qian An, Dr Sassan Hafizi and Dr Eugen Barbu

Previous studies have indicated mitochondria as a promising anti-cancer target. The proposed project aims to investigate the possible impact of mitochondrial redox alterations on chemosensitivity of cancer cells.

The cancer-specific killing properties of several mitochondria-targeting agents will be assessed in relation to the mitochondrial redox status in human cancer cells. ROS-modulating compounds will be evaluated for the synergistic anti-cancer effect; the application of nanoparticle-mediated cancer-targeting delivery of selected molecules will be further explored. The novel therapy could be further investigated in vivo using nude mouse models.

In addition, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences of the cancer cells will be screened for mtDNA variations as potential chemosensitivity markers.

This project will involve a broad range of in vitro and in vivo techniques, including cell culture, cytotoxicity analysis, ROS assay, nanoformulation, PCR, sequencing analysis and in vivo model.

Bench fees (in GBP)

Year 1: £11500

Year 2: £11125

Year 3: £10730

Total: £33355