Self-funded PhD opportunities

Nanoparticles for Imaging and Drug Delivery Applications

  • Application end date: Applications accepted all year round (expected start date: Oct or Feb)
  • Funding Availability: Self-funded PhD students only
  • Department: School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
  • PhD Supervisor: Dr Eugen Barbu

Finely dispersed particulate systems play an increasingly important role in pharmacy and medicine. Their design, manipulation and usage require an interdisciplinary approach that brings together fundamental concepts of chemistry, materials science, engineering, pharmacy, biology, medicine and nanotechnology.

The proposed work programme aims to develop a range of novel core-shell nanoparticulate systems that will be investigated for their applicative potential in chemotherapy and biomedical imaging. A range of nanoconstructs based on natural and/or synthetic polymers in combination with inorganic components (such as gold or various super-paramagnetic metal oxides) will be prepared and characterized using an array of techniques; their biological interaction with animal/human cells will be explored in vitro and the results will feed back into the design process.

The project will be carried out within the Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Research Group as part of the Institute of Biomedical and Biomolecular Sciences (IBBS). The student will be trained in a number of techniques including synthetic chemistry, material characterisation and analytical techniques (such as IR/NIR, Raman, NMR spectroscopy; HPLC, SEC, GC-MS), thermal analysis, nanoparticle formulation and characterisation (DLS, NTA), microscopy (fluorescence, AFM/SEM), tissue culture, live cell imaging and flow cytometry. The project is multidisciplinary and will offer the student exposure to the expertise of a number of collaborators from different departments across the university. In addition, the PhD student will have access to a skills development program run by the University of Portsmouth Graduate School. The experimental and analytical skills developed during these studies can prepare the student effectively for a future career in either academia or industry.

The project is suitable for self-funded applicants with a very good degree in material/pharmaceutical sciences, bioengineering, chemistry or pharmacy and with a keen interest in nanomaterials and their pharmaceutical and biomedical applications.

Please visit the web page (link below) for an indication of the current research topics and techniques available. Potential candidates should contact the main supervisor ( with an expression of interest and to discuss further project details before applying.

Research Group Web Site

Funding Status: Self funded - University fees (currently, £13,100 for International Students and £4,052 for Home and EU students) + (plus additional bench fees of £8,000 per annum).