Self-funded PhD Opportunities

Talent identification of elite referees, pathways, referee selection and development

  • Application end date: Applications accepted all year round
  • Funding Availability: Self-funded PhD students only
  • Department: Department of Sport and Exercise Science
  • PhD Supervisor: Mr Tom Webb (
  • Talent identification of elite referees, pathways, referee selection and development. Projects could examine the impact of the identification of talented referees, how are referees being selected, what are the training processes that these referees are being delivered in order for them to progress through the development pathways? Projects may consider the impact of the present structures and potential changes that would contribute to the evolution of this pathway.
  • Comparative analysis of refereeing pathways, structures, models, training and performance in varying European countries. A wealth of research now exists on the elite refereeing structures evident in England, Spain and Italy. Projects may extend and further develop the existent literature with the collection of additional material and evidence in other European countries as a means of analysis.
  • Analysis and analytics related to refereeing performance. This area could be explored further through the generation of a bank of information over a number of seasons. This could involve building a pattern of refereeing performance over time in order to produce analysis, models and interpretation relating to a number of potential academic areas of interest.
  • Interdisciplinary projects related to the management of elite referees across national and international boundaries. This research would consider areas, although not exhaustive, such as the cultural implications of management, the management of geographically dispersed teams, the use of technology in training elite referees and impact on performance.