Realising the vision

University Rebrand

The University’s 2020 strategy is focused on addressing the increasingly competitive education environment and growing national and international interest in our University. The University’s new brand articulates our strategic ambition.

This project developed a brand that reflects more effectively what the University stands for today and our future ambitions in the national and international education sector.

We took a rigorous approach to informing our stakeholders and the community about our rebrand project, included interviews, workshops, discussions and with a wide cross section of people and organisations: staff, students, alumni, local employers, colleges and schools in the region, and overseas partners and agents in priority markets. This work informed the University's brand messages (how we represent the best of what we do and what we stand for, now and in the future) and visual identity.

The launch and implementation of the new brand are being managed by the Department of Marketing and Communications. For more information on the Rebrand Project, please refer to the frequently asked questions. University staff and students can also view further information on the intranet.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the University rebranding?

The University made a strategic decision to rebrand to ensure that our external messaging and presentation of the University was reflective of our Strategic Plan and the significant development that has taken place in our reputation and position since we became a University 25 years ago. It was appropriate to celebrate this anniversary of our inception as a University by reflecting back on our development since then and to relaunch our vision for the future through a clear presentation to the external and internal community, including future students, about who we are and what we stand for. For too long we have as a University been a hidden gem and we now have the confidence through our demonstrable success to present boldly to the outside world to celebrate the past 25 years while looking forward to the next.

Having a strong University brand will strengthen the impact of the University as a whole. Establishing a more unified identity will strengthen our ability to gain greater recognition for our world-class research and teaching that is making a local and global impact.

What benefits will the new brand bring to the University?

In the increasingly competitive national and international market for higher education, we need to stand out and clearly articulate who we are and what we do. Having a strong University brand that reflects our ambitions will make a positive difference to student and staff recruitment and to growing the reputation of the University. This work will also underpin a revised approach to marketing and communication that will support local, national and international partnerships across the University.

How did the University decide on the new brand?

Re-branding is of course always something which has to be approached with care to ensure that the positive aspects are retained and amplified and that any new design can be supported by the majority of stakeholders. To achieve this we conducted in-depth interviews and focus groups with students, staff, alumni, local employers and partners, colleges and schools in the region, and international partners and agents. Over 10,000 people took part in the consultation process which helped us gather views.

This feedback formed the basis from which to develop the University's new brand which includes our core brand proposition, key messages and our new visual identity. The brand messages and visual identity were refined further through two surveys and several open consultation sessions with students and staff.

The brand proposition and visual identity selected was the clear winner across the various consultations. The project decision making and governance groups (which included students, faculty and professional services staff, the senior team, and governor representatives) all signed off on the final recommended identity. The new messages and visual identity was launched internally to all staff at the staff summer party. Almost 1,000 staff attended the unveiling of the new identity, which was a most positive and celebratory event with an overwhelming enthusiastic reaction.

Why do faculties have different colours?

Each faculty had its own micro market and identity that is different to the fellow faculties. It is important that the new brand is flexible enough to enable the faculties to express their identity within an overarching consistent University identity and colour enables us to do this.

When can we start using the new brand?

The rebrand will be implemented by Corporate Communications in the Department of Marketing and Communications. They are liaising with all areas of the University to ensure consistent, phased and cost-effective implementation. The new branding will not be automatically applied, this will be a useful opportunity alongside the Digital Transformation Project to determine the best format for items and increase shared use across the University. We are working with the Brand Champions for each faculty and business area to manage timely implementation. In the autumn of 2017, we will change some high profile areas and the rest will be updated through the natural cycle of updating and replacing materials. We will go through a period of transition as all the branding is changed to the new brand.

Where can I find the brand guidelines?

Please contact the Department of Marketing and Communications on

What do I do with the materials that I have that are in the old brand?

The implementation of the brand will be gradually introduced during 2017 and 2018. Staff are encouraged to change materials within the natural renewal/production cycle unless it is something that is high profile. High profile items should be replaced and out of date material should be recycled or destroyed, as appropriate.

How do I order new corporate stationery?

The process for ordering corporate stationery will not change. New stationery will be ready soon and we will let staff know when orders for stationery in the new brand can be made.

Will I get a new University card?

Cards in the new brand are being issued to new staff and students joining the University this autumn. Existing students and staff are asked to keep their current card for now, and they will hear from the marketing team once the the card renewal process has been agreed.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any questions about the project please contact the Department of Marketing and Communications on

Will the Crest still feature on University of Portsmouth degree certificates?

Yes, the University of Portsmouth’s Coat of Arms (Crest) will continue to feature on all degree certificates. The Crest has been redrawn and updated according to our University status, and the bearers of a lion and unicorn have been added to reflect our connection with the City of Portsmouth. This new modified crest (below) will be used on all degrees from 2018 onwards.

The current University's crest was drawn in the late 1980s before the advent of digital technology.

Requested by Natalie Thompson 12/09/17

Where can I get University of Portsmouth merchandise that features the new logo?

The University of Portsmouth Students’ Union is updating its existing stock with the University’s new visual identity. The University’s own merchandise is also being updated and the merchandise catalogue will be available later this autumn.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any questions about the project, the roll-out of the new visual identity or the University’s merchandise please contact the Department of Marketing and Communications on