Centre for Molecular Design (CMD)

Publications: Papers 2010


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  • K. Rosenlehner, B. Schade, C. Böttcher, C. M. Jäger, T. Clark and A. Hirsch
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  • M. Novak, C. M. Jäger, A. Rumpel, H. Kropp, W. Peukert, T. Clark and M. Halik
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  • T. Clark
    Tautomers and Reference 3D-Structures: the Orphans of In Silico Drug Design
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  • C. Kramer, B. Beck and T. Clark
    A Surface-Integral Model for logPOW
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  • C. Kramer, B. Beck and T. Clark
    Insolubility classification with accurate prediction probabilities using a MetaClassifier
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  • T. E. Shubina and T. Clark
    Catalysis of the Quadricyclane to Norbornadiene Rearrangement by SnCl2 and CuSO4
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  • G. Altinbas Özpinar, W. Peukert and T. Clark
    An Improved General AMBER Force Field (GAFF) for Urea
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  • T. Clark
    The Local Electron Affinity for Non-Minimal Basis Sets
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  • R. A. J. O'Hair, C. M. Williams and T. Clark
    Neighboring Group Stabilization by σ-Holes
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  • H. Kayi and T. Clark
    AM1* parameters for manganese and iron
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  • H. Kayi and T. Clark
    AM1* parameters for cobalt and nickel
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  • S. J. Ajmani, S.C. Rogers, M.H. Barley, A.N. Burgess and D.J. Livingstone
    Characterization of Mixtures Part 2: QSPR Models for Prediction of Excess Molar Volume and Liquid Density Using Neural Networks
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  • D. J. Livingstone and J. Bradshaw
    A History of the Development of Data Mining in Pharmaceutical Research
    in Pharmaceutical Data Mining: Approaches and Applications for Drug Discovery
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