Great Britain Historical Geographical Information System (GBHGIS)

About the Historical GIS

This part of our site provides information about historical applications of Geographical Information Systems, and of related technologies.

Past Time, Past Place: GIS for History

An introduction to the field, featuring case studies based on various projects, edited by Anne Kelly Knowles (ESRI Press, 2002; ISBN: 1-58948-032-5).

A Place in History: A Guide to Using GIS in Historical Research

A more detailed guide to using mainstream GIS technology in historical research is available on-line for free from the UK Arts and Humanities Data Service.It was written by Ian Gregory, who worked on the Great Britain Historical GIS up to 2000.

Railways and Population Change in Industrializing England

Robert Schwartz of Mount Holyoke College has created a tutorial based on his research into the railway system of Victorian Britain.

To keep up to date with the field of historical GIS, join the world's only internet mailing list dedicated to the subject. Current membership is very international, with a particularly large North American component.

The Great Britain Historical GIS project has its own more closely controlled list for project announcements and consultations, but not for technical discussions.