Great Britain Historical Geographical Information System (GBHGIS)

Funding History

JISC logo The re-launch of A Vision of Britain through Time in summer 2009, including a new mapping interface, the addition of election results and a large body of scanned historical maps was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee under a £22m digitisation programme to make available a wide range of heritage and scholarly resources of national impotance.

Prior to this a new underlying administrative unit ontology structure was created as part of Qviz, a European Union FP6 project which produced a demonstration query and context based temporal cultural heritage portal.

The construction of the original Vision of Britain web site, and major extensions to our content, were made possible by a major grant from the Big Lottery Fund, a distributor of funds from the UK National Lottery.

The GIS originated as the Labour Markets Database (LMDB), funded by the Leverhulme Trust in 1989-91. The Leverhulme Trust also helped fund mapping of parish boundaries, and work on 1881 census data.

The construction of the historic boundary GIS, and much of our statistical database, was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, under grants R000 221314, R 000 221703, R 000 237506, R000 237757, L128251051 and R 000 271086.

The Joint Information Systems Committee funded early development work on our web-based mapping tools, under JTAP project JTAP 1/320, 'Authoring methods for electronic atlases of change and the past', and contributed to boundary mapping and data entry.

The Wellcome Trust funded the addition of mortality data to our statistical database, and contributed to the boundary GIS construction work.

Additional financial assistance was provided by: