star Research Students

The following Postgraduate Research Students have completed their doctorate during the REF census period. For a list of current students please view departmental pages. Where possible, we have linked to the full-text electronic version of the PhD theses. The other PhD theses are available on request by contacting

Name Project Title
CORNET, Christophe Modelling Damage and Deformation Behaviour of a Nickel-Based Superalloy Using Constitutive Models
JIN, Martin Ming High Velocity Impact Studies on Hybrid Composite Structures
MA, Jie Heterogeneous Nucleation on Convex and Concave Spherical Surfaces
WANG, Jiyuan Cemented Acetabular Replacements - Finite Element Modelling and in Vitro Physiological Testing
CHESTER, Simon David Electronic Assessment Systems & Generic Models of Student Assessment
AL-MOUSA, Ahmed Abdulrahman Investigation of pile foundations in the Al Hasa Area, Saudi Arabia
ALDOUSIRI, Barjas The Manufacture, Properties and Characterisation of Layered Silicate Reinforced Spent Polymer Nanocomposites
ALENEZI, Dharay Falah Saleh Process Parameters Optimisation of Injection Moulding using SLA Inserts in Conventional & CCC Moulds
MEARNS, Kevin Frank The Sustainability of Community-Based Ecotourism in Southern Africa
RAMLALL, Shalini Varma Improving customer generation by analysing website visitor behaviour
SPANRAD, Sven Klaus Fatigue crack growth in laser shock peened aerofoils subjected to foreign object damage
AL HUBAIL, Mohammad Statistical-based Optimization of Process Parameters of Fused Deposition Modelling for Improved Quality
DIBIA, Ifechukwude Kingsley Implementation of the leadership, people, process and outcome model of Lean using soft systems methodology in triangulation
KARABELA, Alkistis An Experimental and Computational Study of Damage and Crack Growth for a Nickel-Based Superalloy under Fatigue-Oxidation Conditions
ROGERS, Ian Armstrong The Use of Measures of Modularity in Electronic Design
TOZZI, Gianluca In vitro studies of bone-cement interface and related work on cemented acetabular replacement
AL-KHAZZAR Ahmed Biometric identification using user interaction with virtual worlds
BOSTANUDIN Nurul Computational methods for processing ground penetrating radar data
GAO Yijian Advanced FRP for flooring in buildings: a low carbon material application in the construction industry
HELLWIG Felix Computer-aided Studies of Femoroacetabular Impingement
KLUAYPA Prawate Development of a quality management model for Thai Small, Medium and Large Enterprises (SMLEs)
LAMBERT Gareth James An Intelligent Decision-Making System to Enable Automated MIG Welding
LANGNER Martin Effort reduction and collision avoidance for powered wheelchairs; SCAD assistive mobility system
MACMULLEN James Novel Nano-particulate/Polymer Treatment Systems for Masonry Enhancement and Protection
ROBERTS Mark Ashley UK Sales Managers' Perceptions of the Antecedents and Moderating Factors Influencing the Outsourcing of Sales Activities

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star Research Collaborations

New interdisciplinary collaborations have been developed within the University and beyond, as evidenced in the increased number of joint projects and joint research outputs. The University fully supports interdisciplinary research, and arrangements have been made to accommodate external visitors by providing offices and computing facilities, as well as supporting network activities of research staff by establishing a Network Research fund.

A short summary of major collaborations is given here to include only those which led to either joint journal outputs or RKT/consultancy grants:

International collaborations

Buick: l’université du Maine, France; Chen: University of Cincinnati, USA; Tong/Tozzi/Lupton: University of Siegen, Germany; Tong: Ecole Polytechnique, France; Tong/Lupton/ZhangQH: Beijing Huatuo Biomechanical Laboratory, China; Tong/Tozzi/Lupton: Smith & Nephew, USA; ZhangZY/Dhakal: NATO funded project in collaboration with Universities of Beira Interior & Coimbra, Portugal; Ecole Nationale d’ingénieurs de Monastir, Tunisia; University of Roma, Italy; Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia; University of Beira Interior, Portugal and University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

National collaborations

Barnett: Universities of Liverpool and Sheffield; VSL Infrastructure Protection; Buick: University of Edinburgh; Buick/Bucchi: Medway Fibreglass Ld; Dotcheva: Cardiff University; Chen: Rolls-Royce (RR); BAE Systems; Universities of Bristol and Southampton; Karabela: Cranfield University; Huang: Universities of Southampton and Sheffield; Royal National Lifeboat Institution; Simandjuntak: European Technology Development Ltd; Magma Global Ltd; Tong/Lupton/Lin: RR, MoD, QinetiQ, Universities of Birmingham, Manchester; Tong/Lupton/Tozzi: Queen Alexandra (QA) Hospital; University of Southampton; Tong/ZhangQH/Huang: Cranfield University; Tong/Lupton: GKN Aerospace; ZhangZY/Dhakal: Safeguard Europe Ltd; consultancies for VT; Thales; Pall Europe; LaFarge; GlaxoSmithKline; Gurit; Xyratex; PERA; Material Technology Ltd; Magma Global; Guit; Elta Fan; McMurdo; Property Care Association; Spur Electron Ltd; Wartsila; UniVar Europe; Brett Landscaping and Bac 2.

Contributions to subject disciplines

Editorial board – Tong: International Journal of Experimental and Computational Biomechanics (IJECB) and Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures (FFEMS, 2008-2012); ZhangZY: Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation (JMEI).

Conference Chair/Editor – Barnett: The 33rd Cement and Concrete Science conference (IOM3) 2013; editor of the conference proceeding (ISBN 978 1 86137 642 8); Simandjuntak: High Temperature Defect Assessment (HIDA-5) (IOM3) (2010).

Keynote lectures & invited speakers – Tong: Plasticity’12, 14; Fatigue Congress 2010; Int Conf on Fracture, 2013; Fatigue Congress 2014; First and Second IJF & FFEMS Joint Workshops (2011 & 2013); Simandjuntak: The Society of Material Science, Japan (2010).

Review board – Figiel: National Science Centre, Poland – Panel ST8. Tong: Romanian Ministry of National Education Joint Applied Research Projects - PCCA 2013 (international panel member).

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