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The following Postgraduate Research Students have completed their doctorate during the REF census period. For a list of current students please view departmental pages. Where possible, we have linked to the full-text electronic version of the PhD theses. The other PhD theses are available on request by contacting

Name Project Title
AL-BASHAR, Faisal Ahmed S. A. The WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism and the Reform of Third Party Rights: A Study from the Perspective of Developing Countries
AL-REFAEI, Fahad M.Z. The Protection of the Marine Environment from Oil Pollution by Ships in the Arabian Gulf and the Role of Saudi Arabia: A Study in International Law with Special Reference to Islamic Law
AL-SHAMMARI, Zayed Ammash The Relationship Between Government Policy and the International Technological Transfer Process
BALL, Charlotte Susannah The Day of German Unity 1990 - 2005: Redefining the Past, Present and Future
AUSTIN, Emma Jane A strange body of work: the cinematic zombie
GULLY, Timothy William The Bloody Sacrifice of James White: A Durkheimian Analysis of the Anti-Paedophile Riots in Britain in the year 2000
PICKETT, Martin Douglas In a Situation Where Enormous Numbers Learn English for International Communication, what are the Motivations For English Mother-Tongue Speakers to Learn Other Languages?
ROGERS, Margaret Wheels, Sail and Steam': An Examination of the Impact of Transport Communications on Emsworth's Economy and Society, 1750 - 1901
TERASHIMA, Shuichi Valuing South Asian People with Learning Disabilities: Perceptions and Lived Experiences of Service Providers and Professionals
ALSHEIKH, Essam Abdulaziz Court intervention in commercial arbitral proceedings in Saudi Arabia: a comparative analytical study of Shari’ah based statutes and international arbitral practices
ALTAER, Ahmad Shaban Ali Saif The WTO and developing countries: the missing link of international distributive justice
CARPENTER, Diane Teresa Above all a patient should never be terrified: an examination of mental health care and treatment in Hampshire 1845-1914
DITTRICH, Klaus Experts going transnational: education at world exhibitions during the second half of the nineteenth century
LICHY, Jessica Victoria An Investigation into Internet User Behaviour in Different Cultures and Linguistic Communities
MCGROGAN, Manus Christian Tout! in context 1968-1973: French radical press at the crossroads of far left, new movements and counterculture
WELCH, Anthony Cleland Security sector reform and the confusion and competition nexus: the case of Kosovo
AL-FARHAN, Farhan Reforming Saudi Foreign Direct Investment Laws: The Legal Impact, Challenges and Prospects
CARVAJAL-ARENAS, Lorena Alejandra Good faith in the lex mercatoria: an analysis of arbitral practice and major western legal systems
CRABBE, Stephen James An investigation into the development and evaluation of a controlled language for English language technical documentation
EVANS, Jonathan Translation in Lydia Davis's work
HAIG, Fiona Reactions to the Soviet interventions in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, amongst French and Italian Communist Party members in the shipbuilding towns of La seyne and Monfalcone
WELLER Julian Malte Democratic legitimacy? the online consultations of the European Commission

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star Research Collaborations


CEISR research has been a driving force in establishing international networks. In addition to the work of the strategic project groups already highlighted in Section b, a range of other important activities have built our profile substantially:

The PTUC strategic project is currently leading an international consortium of universities (Liverpool, Gothenburg, Helsinki) and museums (NMRN, Rotterdam, Aland Maritime) to investigate the nature and liminalities of ‘sailortowns’ as an international and transnational phenomenon. This grouping held an initial research workshop in Finland (April 2013), with a forthcoming meeting in Sweden (2014), and is developing major collaborative funding bids. PTUC is also a partner in the ‘Port City Lives’ research network involving Liverpool John Moores, Warwick and Hull Universities along with the National Museum of the Royal Navy, the Mersey Maritime Museum and the Hull Maritime Museum. Portsmouth is one of three centres selected for workshops, from which will emerge new international research projects linking interdisciplinary academic researchers and heritage-sector stakeholders. Helping to cement these connections, PTUC’s website hosts regular original content from UK and international researchers, including a series of analytical posts from Isaac Land, a leading US-based coastal historian.

Bradley’s research on the international development of contemporary Africa and Asia led her to build and direct the ‘The Dowry Project’, an international network of scholars and activists who work to end dowry practices. This has received funding from the Department for International Development as part of the latter’s five-year research programme ‘Religion and Development’. She has given papers at a number of key conferences in her field, including the British Association of South Asian Studies 2013. This innovative research feeds into policymaking at national and international level and her work is also being used by community organisations in the UK (such as Southall Black Sisters) and by International NGOs (such as the Karuna Trust). Working at all levels from the global to the local, she has recently collaborated with the Southern Domestic Abuse Service to secure funding from the Rosa Trust to investigate female genital mutilation in Hampshire.

Marten-Finnis leads the international research network ‘Arbeitskreis Czernowitzerpresse’, which comprises scholars from UK, Austrian, German, Romanian and Ukrainian universities. Between 2009 and 2011, she was a member of the steering committee in the research network ‘Cultural Continuity in the Diaspora’, a collaboration between the universities of Bath, Portsmouth and UCL from 2008 to 2012.

The PTUC group has a leading role in a Heritage Lottery Fund-AHRC application to establish a South East Hub for the commemoration of the First World War (notification received that the bid is successful, November 2013). Beaven is a Co-Investigator in the ‘Gateway to the First World War Consortium’ which includes the Universities of Kent, Greenwich, Sussex, Brighton and Southampton, along with County Archives in the region and Historic Dockyard Chatham, the War Memorial Trust and the National Museum of the Royal Navy. The project will foster sustainable collaborations between academic researchers and the wider community through conferences, public lectures, exhibitions, performance art and workshops on archives and sources of the First World War.


Since 2008, CEISR has hosted over twenty conferences and study-days open to external academics. This included the large international conference ‘Towards a European Society? Transgressing Disciplinary Boundaries in European Studies Research’, 28-30 June 2012. Organised by Heard-Lauréote and Kaiser from the Transnational Europe research cluster, this UACES-sponsored conference brought together more than 100 academics from sociology, political science, contemporary history, anthropology and allied disciplines. Each of the 18 panels had an interdisciplinary theme and composition. In addition, leading international researchers delivered keynote lectures and contributed to a plenary panel on interdisciplinarity in European Studies research, including Tanja Börzel (FU Berlin), Didier Georgakakis (Paris I), Kiran Patel (Maastricht), and Martin Schain (New York). The conference made a significant contribution to overcoming the disciplinary fragmentation of research on Europe and the European Union, which characterises many professional disciplinary conferences, and has led to ongoing research collaboration by Heard-Lauréote with the Free University in Berlin.

There were also important conferences on the relations between Europe and Africa to mark key dates in independence and revolution. The ‘Year of Africa’ conference in 2010 explored independence experiences comparatively, challenging the enduring depiction of French colonisation, decolonisation and post-colonial relations in the region as ‘exceptional’. The resulting volume, Francophone Africa at Fifty (MUP 2013), edited by Chafer and Keese (CEISR Visiting Scholar), brought together new research from a range of international scholars to provide new insights into, and an innovative framework for studying, the complexities of Franco-African relations. In addition, the ‘Algeria and Arab Revolutions’ conference in 2012 established a new structure for the study of Algeria. Widening beyond the Franco-Algerian relationship, this approach adopts a pan-Arab and pan-African perspective to work on Algeria that extends beyond the echoes of its colonial past. The conference brought together academics, political activists, historical eyewitnesses and international journalists and led to a series of articles on the Open Democracy website and coverage in Le Monde diplomatique and History Today.

The Cohabited Space cluster has also hosted a series of conferences: ‘The Press Landscape of Bukovina and Neighbouring Regions: Protagonists - Contents - Aims, 1900-1945’, 28-30 March 2008; ‘The PRESSA: International Press Exhibition in Cologne 1928, and the Jewish Contribution to Modern Journalism’, 18-21 May 2008; ‘Between Metropolis and Diaspora’, 15-17 February 2009 (this included a public exhibition on ‘Russian Jewish Artists and Book Design’); ‘The Experience of Cohabited Space. Representations of Contested Areas in Text, Cinema and Sound, 1920-50’, (14-17 July 2012). In this context, Marten-Finnis collaborates with University College London through her honorary Research Fellowship in the Dept. of Hebrew and Jewish Studies; she is also the co-editor of a bilingual series from the University of Bremen: The European Jewish Press. Studies in History and Language.

Disciplinary engagement

CEISR members have served as peer-reviewers for the following national and international bodies: the European Science Foundation (Chafer), the EC FP7 programme (Tremlett), AHRC (Beaven, Chafer, Marten-Finnis), ESRC (Burridge, Chafer, Peggs, Duggett, Zinken), Leverhulme (Beaven) the French National Research Agency (Chafer), the Israeli national research council (Chafer), Research Council Norway (Chafer), Austrian Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (Kaiser).

Andress is a member of the Commission Internationale d’Histoire de la Révolution française. Bradley sits on the Council of the British Association for South Asian Studies. Burkett was elected to the Executive Committee of the Social History Society in April 2010 for a three year term, and serves on the Committee of History Plus, a national post-doctoral network organised by the Institute of Historical Research. Chafer has served as a special advisor to the FCO on West Africa, is Treasurer of UKCASA and an Executive Committee member of the AUPHF; he is a Research Associate of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London, and has recently become a Fellow of the West Africa Institute. Crabbe is a member of the British Standards Institute (BSI) Technical Committee TS/1 for the development of a new simplified natural language for industry (BS ISO 24620-1). Marten-Finnis is a member of the advisory board of the Institute for Newspaper Research, University of Bremen and a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Cracow branch). Peggs is a Trustee and Shadow Membership Director of the British Sociological Association. She is also an Elected Director to the Board of Minding Animals International and Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

CEISR members sit on the following journal editorial boards/panels: French History, Oxford Research Directions (Andress); Modern and Contemporary France, Journal of Contemporary European Studies (Chafer); Journal of Critical Animal Studies (Peggs); Journal of Classical Sociology, European Journal of Social Theory, International Journal of Japanese Sociology; Theory, Culture and Society (Smart); World Englishes, English Today (Saraceni).

A wide range of CEISR members have reviewed book proposals and manuscripts for publishers including CUP, OUP, MUP, Yale UP, Anthem Press, Ashgate, Longman, Palgrave, Routledge and SAGE. Members have served as editorial referees for journal articles in a broad array of subject areas:

  • Area Studies and Political Science: some 16 titles including Globalizations, Europe-Asia Studies, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, Journal of Common Market Studies, Journal of European Public Policy, African Studies Quarterly, European Journal of International Relations.
  • History: over 20 titles including American Historical Review, Cultural and Social History, English Historical Review, French Historical Studies, German History, Journal of Modern History, Twentieth Century British History, Vierteljahrschrift für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte.
  • Language and linguistics: some 18 titles including Romance Studies, International Journal of Educational Development, Language and Gender, Asian Journal of English Language Teaching, Language and Education, Research on Language and Social Interaction, Rivista Italiana di Psicolinguistica Applicata (RiPlA), World Englishes.
  • Sociology and related social sciences: some 30 titles including Journal of Classical Sociology, European Journal of Social Theory, British Journal of Sociology, Journal of War and Cultural Studies, Journal of Applied and Community Psychology, Men and Masculinities, International Journal of Qualitative Methods.

CEISR members have given invited keynote speeches and addresses at many internationally-notable events, of which the following are a small sample. Andress: invited plenary speaker at the 2012 Rudé Seminar, a biennial conference of Australasian historians of France, in Auckland, NZ; invited contributor to an international Leverhulme-funded workshop on public political engagement in revolutions and anti-colonial movements, University of Pretoria, South Africa, 2013. Bradley: international keynote speaker at a forum organised jointly by the Canadian Association of International Development and Canada Aid, Ottawa, 2013. Chafer: Invited speaker at international conferences on decolonisation in Lisbon, 2010 and 2011, at Paris-Diderot University for a conference on British foreign policy in Africa, 2011, and at Nantes University for an international conference on ‘Décolonisation à la française’, 2012. Marten-Finnis: invited speaker at events at the University of Tshernivtsy, Ukraine, 2008, the Free University and Humboldt University, Berlin, 2009, and the Simon Dubnov Institute in Leipzig, 2009.

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