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The following Postgraduate Research Students have completed their doctorate during the REF census period. For a list of current students please view departmental pages. Where possible, we have linked to the full-text electronic version of the PhD theses. The other PhD theses are available on request by contacting

Name Project Title
ABDULGHAFFAR, Nadia Awwad Critical Evaluation of Municipal Waste Management Options Available to Jeddah
AJINAH, Hisham Maher The Islamic TQM Model: An Emprical Study for the Implementation of Total Quality Management in the Saudi Arabian Process Manufacturing Sector
DEVITT, Katherine Rose Going for Gold: A Study on Effective Strategic Leadership in Multi-Agency Major Incident Response Teams
FAHIMI, Farshad A Feature Extraction System for Human Surveillance
GOEL, Piyush Spiking Neural Network Based Approach to EEG Signal Analysis
SMITH, Grant Ritchie Organizational Change and the Post-Bureaucratic Organization: A Critical Case
BAIO, Andrew Christian Michael Governance of the Marine Capture Artisanal Fisheries of Post-War Sierra Leone
DRAKEFORD, Benjamin Matthew Fishmeal and the Future of Salmon and Trout Aquaculture in the UK: An Assessment of the Technical and Economic Feasibilities
INNES, James Pembroke Reducing Environmental Impacts of Fishing: An Economic Analysis of Discarding and Technical Measures in Demersal Fisheries
MUSTAPHA, Umar Musa Entrepreneurship and Economic Development: An Investigation into Small and Medium Enterprises' Opportunity Identification, Creation, Success and Failure in Five African Countries
RENNISON O B E, William Ross Reducing Management Risk: Forecasting the Deployment and Cost of Naval Service Personnel
AL SAIDI, Mejbel Corporate governance and firm performance: the case of Kuwait
ALBAWARDY, Faisal Abdullah The strategic value of learning: a comparative study between multinational private and public sectors organisations in Saudi Arabia
ALHAMOUDI, Salwa Abdullah Strategic knowledge management system in public sector in Saudi Arabia: an adaptation of the Balanced Scorecard
DERBYSHIRE, Edmund Lloyd An exploration of the importance of trust in the post-acquisition integration context in high-technology industry
GRIGORYEV, Ruslan Arkadiyevich The interdependence between stock markets of BRIC and developed countries and the impact of oil prices on this interdependence.
HAGAG, Wegdan Mahmoud The E-Cultural Adaptation Framework (E-CAF): Adapting the Local Travel Interface for Egyptian Consumers
HALANK, Alina Quality management at European hospitals: staff perceptions of content, implementation and effects in elderly-related, acute stroke care in England and Germany
HARRINGTON, Susan Olive Workplace bullying through the eyes of human resource practitioners: a Bourdieusian analysis
HOWE-WALSH, Liza Jane The road to repatriation: implications for HR policy and practice
KIM, Hakkyong Dealing with crisis: a comparative study of simulation exercises in Korea and the UK
MZENDA, Bongile Computational Intelligence Margin Models for Radiotherapeutic Cancer Treatment
SHAH, Vyoma Nalinkumar Inter-industry wage differentials and returns to education in Pakistan
SMART, Edward Philip Detecting abnormalities in aircraft flight data and ranking their impact on the flight
THORNE, Sara Eileen Bertin Failures of imagination: terrorist incident response in the context of crisis management
TRICHAS, Savvas Christos The face of leadership: perceiving leaders from facial expression
WANG, Hui To Investigate Relative Effectiveness of the Dimensions of Interactivity
WEN, Xin A hybrid intelligent technique for induction motor condition monitoring
AL BARRAK, Thamir Saad Value relevance and predictive ability of financial statement information: the case of Saudi Arabia
AL HAJERI, Abdullah Saad The Financing and Success Factors of Small Business in Kuwait
AL-SABAH, Meshaal Jaber Al Ahmed Resource curse reduction through innovation: the case of Kuwait
ALMUHAIRI, Muna Buti Assessing Momentum Investment Strategies in the UAE Stock Market
ALZOMAN, Moudhi Mohammed Effective leadership of a culturally diverse workforce in Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)
COX, Joe Studies in licit and illicit markets for digital entertainment goods
GIORDANI, Georgia Essays on the Econometric Analysis of Electronic Banking in Greece
LEE, Do Hyung The influence of strategic orientations on business performance and mediating role of entrepreneurial orientation relationship among technology, market orientations and business performance in Korean technology intensive SMEs
MAHAMED ISMAIL, Nor Ashmiza Leader Engagement towards Organizational Knowledge Sharing: an effective Engagement Model
ONYEKWENA, Chukwuka Udochukwu Empirical investigation of the impact of foreign direct investment on manufacturing firms and banks in Nigeria
PLOYBUT, Sutthirat Financial reporting by small and medium enterprises in Thailand
SAMARNBUTR, Charuspong An examination of technological capability development in the Thailand automotive industry: the role of Thai government policy from 1960-2009
SHMAILAN, Abdulwahab Motivations and obstacles of female entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates: a multiple context perspective
SMITH, Keith People, fortunes, systems and clockspeed: a research study into the importance of information timing in the management of organisational risk
SPEIGHT, Peter Timothy Why security doesn't work?
TURNBULL, Sarah Louise The Creative Development Process within UK Advertising Agencies: An Exploratory Study
VANSON, Sally Anne Aligning identity in legal services firms: do senior partners in legal services firms possess the core characteristics of identity to work in alignment within the firm?
WANG, Linglan The future trend of Chinese currency renminbi exchange rates
AL-SHAMASI Areej Effectiveness of Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) in the Saudi Workplace Context during Times of Organisational Change: An Investigation of LMX Roles and their Potential to Enhance Employee Outcomes
BROOKS Graham Fraud and corruption: measurement, strategies and policin
EL SHAFEEY Tarek Abdul Samie Radical Service Innovation Capabilities and Competences and its Performance Measurement in the Egyptian Banking Sector
FAILLER Pierre From the management of marine resources to the governance of ocean and coastal zones in West Africa
GAUSDEN Robert An econometric investigation of the relationship between the price of oil and U.K. macroeconomic performance
GHULAM Yaseen Financial and operational performance of privatized cement industrial units of Pakistan
HINES Anthony Charles Regulatory change in financial reporting, auditing and corporate governance: impact on perceptions and behaviours
LI Cui (Stacey) Social capital in an online brand community: Volkswagen in China
MORGAN, Richard Duncan Exploring how Fishermen Respond to the Challenges Facing the Fishing Industry: A Study of Diversification and Multiple-job Holding in the English Channel Fishery
MUZAHEM Abdulla Saeed An Empricial Analysis on the Practice and Determinants of Risk Disclosure in an Emerging Capital Market: The Case of United Arab Emirates
NKIKO Cedric Marvin Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa: exploring the perceptions of Ugandan SME's
ROGERS Elizabeth (Beth) UK Sales Managers' Perceptions of the Antecedents and Moderating Factors Influencing the Outsourcing of Sales Activities
SIMMS Christopher An analysis of the management of packaging within new product development: an investigation in the UK food and drinks sectors
WASTI, Syed Ashraf Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations - A Case Study of Pakistan

star Research Collaborations

The development of a collaborative and interdisciplinary research culture has been central to the Portsmouth Business School’s Research Strategy, which emcompasses interdisciplinary and international collaborations.

Examples of successful collaborations include:

Failler’s co-ordination of the 22 partner, 11 languages, EU ECOST project (2006-11), has subsequently led to further funded projects in China, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Caribbean, in collaboration with five of the partners involved in the ECOST project.

The University provides significant support for collaborative activities that build research capacity and profile, most notably via the Research Development Fund. Portsmouth Business School staff have led three successful cross-faculty collaborative applications: to examine ways of tackling gender imbalance in STEM subjects in the UK and Arab countries, with Doha University; to develop applied interdisciplinary operational research methodologies, with the University of Hamburg, TU Delft, and Ecole Central Paris; and to investigate and evidence labour market discrimination across Europe, with the Universities of Linnaeus in Sweden, the University of Lisbon, and the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Examples of on-going interdisciplinary research collaborations include: Wohlschlegel collaborating with Grechenig (law, Max-Planck Institute, Bonn) on collective goods; Collins with Pahlow (environmental engineering, University of Twente) and Snowball and Fraser (University of Rhodes) on water footprinting in South Africa; Torrisi with Vale (geography, University of Lisbon) on urban studies and integration; Chatziantoniou with Holt (ecology, University of Sheffield) on water use in agricultural production in California’s Central Valley; and Williams with De Cuyper (psychology, University of Leuven) on time and space flexibility in work relations. International research collaborations include: Ishizaka with Carmargo (University of Lorraine), Ihrig (Munich), and Lolli (Modena); Tymon with Kerschreiter (Berlin); Kizys with Pierdzioch (Hamburg); Antonakakis with various members of the Vienna University of Economics and Business; Jack with Jeronimo and Lopez (Seville); Floros with Alghalith (University of the West Indies),and Salvador (University Jaume 1, Catalonia); Apostolakis with Papatheodorou (University of the Aegean). Trott undertook a five year secondment as Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at TU Delft in the Netherlands.

The EU-funded SEABILLA project, defining the architecture for cost-effective European Sea Border Surveillance Systems, was a collaboration between the Operational Research Group in Portsmouth and researchers at University College London and the University of Murcia in a network encompassing cutting-edge hi-tech companies from ten European countries, such as BAE Systems, SAGEM Défense Sécurité, and Thales Defence Deutschland. The DEEPFISHMAN project (2008-12), in cooperation with Imperial College London, CEFAS (UK), the University of Iceland, IFREMER (France) and five other internationally recognised marine research institutes in Europe, developed a range of strategy options for European maritime nations to manage the deepwater fisheries of the North-East Atlantic.

Portsmouth Business School staff sit on the editorial boards of a number of international peer-reviewed journals including: Accounting Forum; Accounting, Auditing and Accountability; Accounting and Business Research; Fuzzy Sets and Systems; Group and Organization Management; Human Resource Development Quarterly; International Journal of Analytic Hierarchy Processes; International Journal of Design; International Journal of Human Resource Management; Journal of Business and Management; Journal of Cultural Economics; and the Journal of Product Innovation Management.

Staff are members of the editorial boards of more than 40 peer-reviewed international journals. Peer recognition of the quality of the School’s research is evidenced by staff winning four outstanding paper awards at the Emerald Literati Network Awards (Ishizaka, 2013; Labib, 2012; Williams, 2008 and 2013) and the best paper awards in the British Accounting Review (Jack, 2012) and Human Resource Development International (Anderson, 2009).

Staff are actively involved in running international conferences for topics and organisations which include: Xu for the Information Management Resource Association in various US cities; Jack for the Management Control Association in the Netherlands; Ishizaka for OR-themed conferences in San Diego, Pittsburgh, Metz, Sorrento and Marseilles; Failler for fisheries management and trade conferences in the Seychelles, Senegal and Quebec; and Greco for the 23rd European Conference on Operational Research in Bonn.

Staff hold a wide variety of leadership roles in professional associations and learned societies including: Chair of the Worldfish Centre (Bjorndal), Director and Honorary Treasurer of the Management Control Association (Jack), Member of the General Council of the OR Society (Ishizaka), Council Member of the Universities Forum for HR Development and Deputy Chair of the Programmes/Qualifications Committee (Anderson), Steering Committee Member [Careers Division] of the Academy of Management (Bozionelos), Executive Board Member of the Cultural Economics International Association and the REPEC International Committee on Plagiarism (Collins), Fellow of the Operational Research Society and Institute of Engineering and Technology and member of the ABS Research Committee (Labib), and Accreditation Panel Chair of the PhD Project Management programme for the British University in Dubai (Read). Finally UoA19 staff assessed research quality for the AHRC, EPSRC, ESRC and NERC, the Danish Council for Strategic Research 2008-13 (Trott), the EU, Canadian and French Research Councils (Failler), the Swiss National Science Foundation (Torrisi), and in the 2004-2010 the Italian Research Evaluation Exercise (Ishizaka).

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