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The following Postgraduate Research Students have completed their doctorate during the REF census period. For a list of current students please view departmental pages. Where possible, we have linked to the full-text electronic version of the PhD theses. The other PhD theses are available on request by contacting

Name Project Title
DEKEL, Gil Inspiration: A Functional Approach to Creative Practice
FRITSCHE, Maria (Re)Construction of Masculinities in Post-war Austrian Cinema 1945-1955
PINCHBECK, Daniel Mcguire Story as a Function of Gameplay in First Person Shooters and an Analysis of FPS Diegetic Content 1998-2007
WRIGHT, Robert Alex Theoretical and Visual Appraisal of Behavioural Symptoms of the Asperger's Child. An Investigation of How Illustrative Practice Can Inform Scientific Diagnosis
BARBER, Sian Elizabeth Mary 1970s British Film: Capital, Culture and Creativity
GUMTAU, Simone Affordances of touch in multi-­sensory embodied interface design
HABENS, Alison Ruth Where Ideas Come From; Towards an Ontology of Inspiration in Creative Writing, with Particular Reference to the Muses of Mythology
JO, Hyun Shin Hybridity as a Cultural Phenonmenon in Korea with Special Reference to the Restaurants in Suburban Areas
SAVAGE, Karen Ann Fading---feminism---practice---process--- a practice as research exploration into the fade as a ‘cite’ for écriture féminine
BECK, Aryel Perception of emotional body language displayed by animated characters
GAAL-HOLMES, Patricia Decade of diversity: a history of 1970s British experimental film
POWELL, Wendy Anne Virtually walking: factors influencing walking and perception of walking in treadmill-mediated virtual reality to support rehabilitation
SPICER, Paul The films of Kenji Mizoguchi: authorship and vernacular style
EYLES Mark An investigation of ambient gameplay
NORRIS Van ‘Drawing comic traditions': British television animation from 1997 to 2010
POWELL Vaughan Visual properties of virtual target objects: implications for reaching and grasping tasks in a virtual reality rehabilitation context
SOMERS Gareth Performing Gaia: Towards a Deep Eco-Critical Poetics and Politics of Performance

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star Research Collaborations

As a result of targeted support, sustainable research networks and databases have been established, including Shaw’s Latin American Cinema & Transnational Film Funding network, Smith’s Channel 4/BUFVC project partnership, Forster’s Southern Broadcasting History Group, Anderson and Delve KEEP/TOTEM consortia of international libraries and digital preservation agencies, Pinchbeck’s commercial research development collaboration, and Sonnet/Etherington-Wright’s publically accessible website and searchable database on US/British Film Adaptations.

Researchers serve in a variety of roles and as expert members on a number of panels, advisory groups, professional bodies and associations. These include:

Anderson, Delve, Shaw, and Sonnet have been elected to the AHRC Peer Review College, with Sonnet made Panel D Chair in 2013. Anderson & Delve also act as AHRC International Expert, Digital Curation Subject Expert and Technical Expert Reviewers. Anderson is European Commission Expert Advisory Panel Member for European Industrial Leadership in ICT & for Preservation Planning, Chair of International Federation for Information Processing, Chair: Program Committee for Preservation of Complex Objects: Gaming Environments and Virtual Worlds, Software-Based Art & Simulations and Visualisations Conferences, International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects.

Staff within the schools are members of a number of professional associations, including: Digital Preservation Coalition, Open Planets Foundation, BCS Computer Conservation Society, Institute of Historical Research, International Society for the Study of Literature on Screen, IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, Association of Hispanists of GB/Ireland, HEA, MECCSA, BAFTSS, Cinema Theatres Association, Royal Television Society, Association of Internet Researchers, Institute for Historical Research: Film History, Society for Cinema and Media Studies, American Culture Association, Science Fiction Foundation, Popular Culture Association, British Association of American Studies, International Society for Cultural History, Theatre & Performance Research Association, Royal Musical Association, Brighton and Sussex Sexualities Network. There are five Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (RSA).

Staff have been funded to present over 75 research papers, both nationally throughout the UK and internationally, including Australia, China, Chile, France, Italy, Holland, Spain Germany, Canada, USA, Japan and Serbia. Invited conference keynotes/plenaries have been given at Universities of Bath Spa, Queen’s University Belfast, Bristol, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Gloucester, Hertfordshire, Liverpool Hope, Lund, Bedfordshire, Newcastle, Oxford, Rostock, Southampton, Stockholm, Sunderland, and at the V&A Museum and Bradford Animation Festival.

The schools host major conferences, symposia and exhibitions which have included: Merchandising and Media Cultures of Consumption 2010; Transnational Cinemas, UoP 2010; Articulating Practice: Practice as Research, Courtyard Theatre, London, 2011; Screen Test: What is the future for film and television research? Royal Geological Society, London, 2011; Popular Media Cultures: Writing in the Margins and Reading Between the Lines, Odeon Cinema Covent Garden, 2012. Keynote address: Professor Henry Jenkins (University of Southern California); and Latin American Women Filmmakers on the Global Stage, UoP 2013. Exhibitions include: COLLECT Portsmouth City Museum 2009-10; Brains: The Minds That Matter, Wellcome Trust, London 2012; A Nightmare on Elm Grove, Portsmouth City, 2013.

Staff are highly active in editorial roles including Journal Editors for the International Journal of Society Systems Science, New Review of Information Networking, Archival Sciences, Transnational Cinemas, Studies in Musical Theatre and The London Magazine and as Series Editors for JISC, Preservation of Complex Objects Series, IEEE Computer Society, History of Computing Series, as Editorial Board Members of Journal of Popular Culture, Journal of British Cinema and Television, Studies in Hispanic Cinemas, Journal of Popular Television, Journal of Fandom Studies, Atlantis: A Journal of the Spanish Association for Anglo-American Studies, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture and Celebrity Studies, and as Reviewers for IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Journal of Advances in Engineering Software, Journal of Medical Systems, International Journal of Arts and Technology, Libraries and Cultural Record, Historia Mathematica, Global Business and Economics Review, Feminist Media Studies, Screen, Adaptations: The Journal for Literature on Screen Studies, Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal, Popular Communication, Science Fiction Film and Television, Scope: An Online Journal of Film Studies, Transformative Works and Culture, Journal of American Studies, Journal of Sexual Medicine and Sexualities: Studies in Culture & Society.

Staff regularly act as External Reviewers for publishers such as Palgrave, Berg, Intellect, Southern Illinois UP, Iowa UP, Taylor & Francis, SAGE, Macmillan, IB Taurus, British Film Institute, Bloomsbury Academic Publishing, Routledge, Chester UP, Wiley-Blackwell, University of Wales Press, Manchester UP, Continuum, VDM Verlag, Rodopi.

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