star Research Students

The following Postgraduate Research Students have completed their doctorate during the REF census period. For a list of current students please view departmental pages. Where possible, we have linked to the full-text electronic version of the PhD theses. The other PhD theses are available on request by contacting

Name Project Title
CAO, Jiang Tao Modelling and Adaptive Control of Vehicle Suspension Systems
COLES, Matthew David Bayesian Network Based Intelligent Mobility Strategies for Wireless Sensor Networks
COORAY, Shavindrie Flavia End-user Driven Development of Information Systems - Revisiting Vickers' Notion of 'Appreciation'
GROVER, Vikas Crime Prediction and Detection with Data Mining
JONES, Adrian An Industry in Transition: A Participative Investigation into the Process of Change in the Broadcasting Industry
MORGAN, Ian Macnab Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Diesel Engines Using Elemental Analysis
SCOTT, Philip James Exploring Clinician Usage of Healthcare Information and Systems: A Multi-Method Enquiry into Medical Attitudes, Beliefs and Behaviour
AYODELE, Taiwo Oladipupo An Integrated Framework for Solving Email Management Problems with Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques and Artificial Neural Networks
JORGENSEN, Thomas Doensig Adaptive Behaviour of Co-operative Robotic Systems
KAGALIDIS, Ioannis Cooperation by Observation for Heterogeneous Robots
KENTZOGLANAKIS, Kyriakos Reconstructing Gene Regulatory Networks: A Swarm Intelligence Framework
PAPAZOGLOU, Panayotis Simulation Model Architectures for Channel Allocation in Cellular Networks
PARASKELIDIS, Athanasios Wireless network segregation utilising modulo in industrial environments
STAHL, Frederic Theodor Parallel Rule Induction
ACHUMBA, Ifeyinwa Eucharia Intelligent performance assessment in a virtual electronic laboratory
DUNN, Laurence Michael An investigation of the factors affecting the lifecycle costs of COTS-based systems
JI, Xiaofei View-invariant Human Action Recognition via Probabilistic Graphical Models
JU, Zhaojie A fuzzy framework for human hand motion recognition
KHOURY, Mehdi A fuzzy probabilistic inference methodology for constrained 3D human motion classification
OAKLEY, Jason Nathaniel An exploration of factors potentially affecting the perception and interpretation of medical images used in higher education
SWEISI, Nassraddeen Amer Ali. O. E-government services : an exploration of the main factors that contribute to successful implementation in Libya
AL-JOJO, Nahla Mohamed Teacher assisting and subject adaptive material system: an Arabic adaptive learning environment
LI, Hongyi Robust control design for vehicle active suspension systems with uncertainty
OLAJIDE, Funminiyi Akanfe A study of application level information from the volatile memory of Windows computer systems
YEUNG, Kam Fung A context-aware framework for personlised recommendation in mobile environments
AZZAM Said Rabah Developing a Compositional Ontology Alignment Framework for Unifying Business and Engineering Domains
DANSEY Neil A Grounded Theory of emergent benefit in pervasive game experiences
DAPPERT Angela DePICT - a conceptual model for digital preservation
ILUYEMI Adesina National E-health Innovation: Conduct of International E-health Technology Transfers in Africa
KANAKARIS Venetis Energy Aware Routing Protocols in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
VIPOOPINYO, Jarupa eXtensible Business Reporting Language Semantic Error Checking for Accounting Information Systems

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star Research Collaborations

New interdisciplinary collaborations have been developed nationally and internationally, as evidenced from the joint projects, collaborations and joint research outputs. Arrangements have been made to accommodate external visitors by providing offices and computing facilities. Notable international collaborations include:

  • Liu with Prof. Zhu from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, and Prof. Kubota, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan, are developing further research in computer vision and human motion analysis through a grant from the Royal Society on the project “Cue Fusion for Human Motion Analysis”. He has also investigated prosthetic manipulation in robotics with Prof. Mellish, Bristol Robotics Lab, as part of the EPSRC project “Exploring Human Hand Capabilities into Multifingered Robot Manipulation”.
  • Jordanov has collaborated with Dr. Licciardi and Prof. Novakov from GIPSA Lab, University of Grenoble, France, on investigation of Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis for pre-processing of data sets. He was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering “Distinguished Visiting Fellowship” to host Prof. Kasabov, from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand and promote research collaboration in the computational intelligence field.
  • Adda and Prof. Bouridane from Northumbria University are investigating network security and cyber crime; and with Prof. Niar, University of Valenciennes, France, on embedded system and mobile computing. His joint research activities also include collaboration on wireless networks, MANETS and network routing clustering with scientists from Bulgarian Academy of Science.
  • Wang is collaborating with the National CIMS Engineering Research Centre at Tsinghua University, China, on development of methods and computing platforms for distributed and collaborative simulation for complex systems. His has also collaborated with Key Laboratory of E&M, Zhejiang University of Technology on advanced decision-making methods and conflict resolution in complex design problems.
  • Aziz is working with Prof. Arenas, IE University, Spain and Prof. Wilson, STFC, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxford, on network security and digital forensic project as a co-investigator of EU FP7 STREP Contrail project.
  • Yu is involved with interdisciplinary project in neuroscience and psychology (Dr. Miller, ECIT; Prof. Schyns, Glasgow University; Dr. Cristobal, Max Planck Institute of Biological Cybernetics, Germany; and Prof. Sun, Beijing University of Technology, China), developing “Dynamic 3D emotional facial expression generation platform”. The platform has been used worldwide since its development in 2011 (Princeton University - Social Cognition and Social Neuroscience Lab; Caltech, USA; University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands; Geneva University, Switzerland; and University of Montreal, Canada).
Knowledge transfer, collaboration and contribution to industry are an important part of our research activities. For example, Ju’s work on the EU FP7 BASYLIS project (developing new security systems for rapid identification of potential threats in refugee camps) included a number of industrial partners. Liu has also collaborated with one of the world-leading prosthetic technologies company (Touch Bionics Inc.) investigating and designing a multiple-sensor capture system for human hand motion analysis. Jordanov has recently worked on the IMsKTP project with AIRBUS Operations Ltd. and on the EPSRC/KTN Industrial Mathematics project “Gap analysis and optimization of BP hydroprocessing prediction model” with BP. Special focus in our research effort is the collaboration with and the KT impact on local industry, especially SMEs from the Portsmouth area, e.g.: The Centre for Defence Enterprise/DSTL project with ESROE Ltd. (Jordanov); Consultancy vouchers with New Leaf Law Ltd. (Aziz), and the KTP with Flight Data Services Ltd. (Adda).

Our colleagues pursue active involvement with professional institutions and continue to collaborate and serve on editorial boards of top international journals, and organising leading conferences in the research areas of interest:

  • Liu has served as General Co-Chair for the 2011 Int. Symposium on Fuzzy Robotics, France; and a Program Chair for the 2008/09/10/11 Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robotics. He is a Fellow of IET; Senior Member of IEEE; and a Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion for Science, 2008. He has also served as Applied Technology Committee Chair on the Robotics Task Force, the IEEE Comp. Intelligence Society 2009-2011; a proposal evaluator for Hong Kong Research Grant Council; EPSRC proposals’ reviewer; Nature Science Fund of China; and the EU FP7. He is an Associate Editor of: IEEE Trans. on Industrial Informatics; IEEE Trans. on Systems, Man and Cybernetics; and several int. journals. He has also been invited Guest Editor of journal issues for several IEEE Trans. and other journals. Within the last four years, Liu has been invited to give conference plenary talks, tutorials, and seminars at several IEEE conferences, over 30 universities and 10 companies;
  • Ait-Boudaoud is a Fellow of IET; member of the Engineering Professors' Council; convenor and chair of the 2013 EPC congress, and reviewer (Reader – Engineering and Computer Science Submissions) of the Queen's Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education 2011 and 2013; he has also served as a reviewer of several International journals and conferences.
  • Jordanov is an Associate Editor of several international journals: KB and Intelligent Eng. Systems; OC Intelligence; and KE&Soft Data Paradigms. He has served as a Guest editor of Neural Computing and Applications journal (international collaboration with Prof. Apolloni, University of Milano, Italy, and Prof. Kasabov, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand) and has edited several Springer’s research books. He has also served as Programme chair and co-editor of the Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems (KES) 2010 (UK) conference proceedings;
  • Aziz is an Associate Editor of the Int. J. of Security, and J. of Security and Comm. Networks and has taken part in the programme committees of several conferences.
  • Ju has served as a Guest Editor of a special issue of Int. J. of Humanoid Robotics (collaboration with Prof. Palm, Orebro University, Sweden, and Prof. Borovac, University of Novi Sad, Serbia).
  • Wang has also served as a Guest Editor of a special issue of Int. J. on Service Oriented Computing and Applications. He has been invited to give keynote talks at IEEE Computer and Management (CAMAN) 2012 and the Institution of Engineering and Technology International Conference on Design and Manufacture for Sustainable Development (ICDMSD) 2013 conferences and has been co-chair of ICDMSD 2013 and session chair of 2012 and International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE) 2013.
  • Gegov has presented 4 plenary lectures (2 at IEEE conferences) and 8 conference tutorials (4 at IEEE conferences). He has had 8 reviews published on 2 research monographs authored by him (2 in IEEE journals). He has been a book review editor for an Elsevier Journal, associate editor for an IOS Press journal as well as assessor for EPSRC and ARC. He has been programme committee member for 8 conferences (4 IEEE conferences) and member of 4 international scientific organisations.
  • Prytherch has been a member of the Audit and Research Committee of the Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland; referee for the British Journal of Surgery and European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. He was part of the Portsmouth Hospitals Team that won Patient Safety Awards 2010 (HSJ and Nursing Times) in the “Technology and IT to improve Patient Safety” category. He was also part of the Portsmouth Hospitals Team led by Gary Smith that won the Bupa Foundation Patient Safety Award 2010.

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