School of Biological Sciences


Head of School

Dr Darren Mernagh Head of School
Dr Fiona Myers Senior Lecturer/ Associate Head (Education)
Dr Andy Pickford Reader in Molecular Biophysics/ Associate Head (Research)
Dr Garry Scarlett Associate Head (Innovation)

Academic Staff

Professor Scott Armbruster Professor of Ecology and Evolution
Dr Rocio Perez-Barrales Senior Lecturer
Professor Anastasia J. Callaghan Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics/Co-Director- Institute of Biomedical & Biomolecular Science
Professor Simon Cragg Professor of Marine Zoology
Professor Colyn Crane-Robinson Emeritus Professor
Dr Paul Farrell Senior Lecturer
Professor Alex Ford Professor of Biology
Professor Matt Guille Professor of Developmental Genetics
Dr Darren Gowers Senior Lecturer
Professor Richard Greenwood Emeritus Professor of Environmental Science
Professor Paul Hayes Professor of Biology, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Student Experience).
Dr Tim Hebbes Senior Lecturer
Professor Geoff Kneale Professor of Biomolecular Science
Dr Eric May Reader in Microbiology
Professor John McGeehan Professor of Structural Biology/ Co-Director- Institute of Biomedical & Biomolecular Science
Dr Julian Mitchell Principal Lecturer
Dr Joanne Preston Principal Lecturer in Marine Biology/Course Leader Marine Biology BSc
Dr Maria Salta Senior Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology
Dr Federica Ragazzola Senior Lecturer in Marine Biology
Dr Frank Schubert Principal Lecturer
Dr Colin Sharpe Senior Lecturer
Dr Alessandro Siani Teaching Fellow
Dr Matthew James Tallis Senior Lecturer
Dr Alan Thorne Associate Dean (Research)
Dr Gordon Watson Reader in Marine Zoology
Dr Joy Watts Reader in Environmental Microbiology
Dr Natalie Welden Teaching Fellow
Dr Trevor Willis Senior Lecturer/Course Leader MSc Applied Aquatic Biology

Research Staff & PhD Students

Jonathan Chamberlain PhD Researcher
Amanda Corla PhD Researcher
Neil Fuller PhD Researcher, IMS Postgraduate Representative
Samantha Griffiths PhD Researcher
Beth Hawdon PhD Researcher
Luke Helmer PhD Researcher
Dr Charlotte Henderson Research Associate
Dr Ian Hendy Research and commercialisation officer
Shanelle Kohler PhD Student
Regina Kolzenburg PhD Researcher
Dr Adelaide Lerebours Senior Research Associate
Sam Mallinson PhD Researcher
Dr Anna Noble Research Fellow
Maya Zita Piccinni Research Assistant
Dr Chris Read Senior Research Fellow
Claudia R Slevin PhD Researcher
Shannon White PhD Researcher
Dr Chenyi Wu Research Fellow
Joanne Younger Postgraduate Research Student, IMS Postgraduate Representative

Professional Staff

Ms Christine Beattie Course Administrator
Ms Diane Coates Finance Administrator
Ms Eleanor Hudson Department Administrator
Ms Laura Petts Course Administrator
Miss Barbara Wells Course Administrator