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Professor Simon Cragg

  • Qualifications: PhD
  • Role Title: Professor of Marine Zoology
  • Address: Institute of Marine Sciences Laboratories, Langstone Harbour, Ferry Road, Eastney, Portsmouth, PO4 9LY
  • Telephone: 023 9284 5808
  • Email:
  • Department: School of Biological Sciences
  • Faculty: Faculty of Science


I studied Zoology with Marine Zoology at Bangor, then moved just across the Menai Straits to work at the NERC Unit of Marine Invertebrate Biology headed by Professor Dennis Crisp FRS, where I completed a PhD under the supervision of Dr Jim Nott and Dr Llyr Gruffydd on the sense organs and behaviour of scallop larvae.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Tropical marine ecology, particularly of mangrove and coral ecosystems
  • Life history strategies in the sea
  • Invertebrate larval biology
  • Plankton and meiofauna
  • Invertebrate zoology
  • Biodegradation of wood: problems and opportunities


  • Wood Marine wood borers: the isopod Limnoria, teredinids (shipworms, Bivalvia) and the weevil Pselactus
  • Innovative approaches to wood protection in the sea
  • Teredinid and other bivalve larvae: anatomy and behaviour
  • Borer-microorganism interactions:
    • ecology of epibiosis of ciliates on limnoriid exoskeletons
    • microorganisms in guts of borers
  • The role of marine wood borers in maintaining biodiversity in mangrove ecosystems

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