School of Civil Engineering and Surveying


Concrete Lab

Concrete Lab

Our concrete laboratory is used by undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers to produce and test concrete specimens. Teaching activities in the concrete lab include mixing and testing of concrete mixes designed by students to meet requirements set by the lecturer.

All stages of the process can be observed and recorded on a newly installed camera system, which streams live video to a screen in the lab.


  • Concrete and mortar mixers
  • Vibrating table
  • Curing tank, ovens, refrigerator and freezer for conditioning specimens
  • 2000 kN compression testing machine
  • Saw and polisher for specimen finishing prior to testing
Environmental Science Lab

Environmental Science Lab

This laboratory holds all of the typical analytical equipment required for executing simple water tests, such as biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids, nutrient analysis, pH and conductivity. We also have facilities for preparing soil and water samples for analysis and for analysing hydrocarbon pollution.


  • Accelerated solvent extractor
  • Gas chromatograph mass spectrometer
  • pH meter
  • Conductivity meter
  • Field kits for nutrient analysis
  • Dissolved oxygen meter
  • Chemical oxygen demand digester and meter
  • Fume cupboard
  • Field microbiology kit for coliform testing
  • Drying ovens, fridges and incubators
  • Vacuum pumps
Geotechnics Lab

Geotechnics Lab

The geotechnics laboratory equipment is used to fully characterise fine and coarse grained soils. It is equipped with a suite of fully automated testing equipment which is used for both undergraduate and post graduate teaching and research. There is also a dedicated 60 seater interactive tutorial area.


  • Liquid limit drop cones
  • 300mm and 200mm sieves
  • Compaction and CBR test equipment
  • Constant head and falling head permeameters
  • Direct shear boxes (60x60mm and 100x100mm)
  • Hydraulic shear box (300x300mm)
  • One-dimensional consolidation test cells (75mm)
  • Triaxial test rigs capable of testing a range of sample diameters from 38mm to 100mm
Hydraulics Lab

Hydraulics Lab

Our hydraulics facilities enable students to investigate all aspects of open channel flow such as flow over weirs and hydraulic jumps using a 300mm wide, 7 metre long tilting channel. There are also a number of smaller mobile hydraulics benches that can be used for experiments including pipe friction, fitting losses, flow in a venturi and impact of a water jet.

In addition, flow nets can be modelled in soils by means of a drainage/seepage flow rate experimental set.​ Wave action can be simulated by means of an advanced wave generating device, and sediment transport can also be measured in situ.


  • Large Armfield S6 tilting flume, with wavemaker, 7m long, 300mm wide, Q=33 litre/s
  • Small Armfield C4 tilting flume with small wave generating device, 3m long, 75mm wide, Q=1.5 litre/s
  • Standard Armfield pipe friction apparatus
Structures Lab

Structures Lab

Structures facilities include a range of modern model structures which are used in teaching to demonstrate the principles of structural engineering.


  • 1 MN universal testing machine
  • 2x 50 kN universal testing machines
  • 3000 kN compression testing machine
  • 150 kN compression and bend testing machine
Surveying Store

Surveying Store

Our Surveying Store comprises a full range of equipment for civil engineering surveying.


  • 30 theodolites
  • 25 automatic levels
  • 10 total stations
  • 2 robotic total stations
  • 2 GNSS receivers
  • Laser level and handheld distomat distance-meter