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Portsmouth is a city at high risk of flooding and as an academic institution we are keen to make our contribution to delivering urban resilience in this area. This multi-disciplinary network is designed to help exchange knowledge between European cities that have similar priorities, and establish partnerships to explore innovative forms of urban flood resilience through research projects.

Our particular interests centre on flood risk management in relation to social vulnerability. We are looking for academic institutions, industry partners and local administrations that share the same focus and are willing to join the network to advance knowledge in this area.

Key aims

We have two short-term objectives: an international symposium (which was held in Portsmouth in April 2016); and secondly the drafting of research proposals to fund projects designed to respond to it.

Symposium Presentations

DescriptionFile Size
Sonja Deppisch, HafenCity University Hamburg PDF 2,300KB
Egons Berzins, Riga Technical University PDF 5,628KB
Eduard Ariza, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona PDF 1,828KB
Sarah Percival, University of Portsmouth PDF 1,779KB
Walter Menteth, University of Portsmouth PDF 9,153KB