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Environmental Technology and Management


The School has long been recognised for research in Environmental Technology and Management. This work has been characterised by multi-disciplinary studies involving collaboration with other Departments (including Biological Sciences, Geography, Architecture and Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences) as these interfaces often provide the most exciting areas of research.

Environmental Technology

The Environmental Technology Research Group (ETRG) is a multi disciplinary group which includes engineers, microbiologists and chemists. It was one of the pioneers in establishing Constructed Wetlands - a viable treatment technology for use in the UK and overseas. The interest in the use of ecological systems for environmental remediation has extended to the study of Sustainable Drainage (SUDs) and phytoremediation. The Group also investigates wastewater issues such as fats, oil and grease in sewers and the fate. The scope of the work has extended into other areas such as rain water harvesting and sediment dynamics as new staff have joined the School.

The Group has modern chemistry and microbiology laboratories at Portsmouth and at the Centre for Environmental Technology (CET) at Petersfield Sewage Works which is a shared facility with the School of Biological Sciences. The CET has a greenhouse and hard standing for experimental rigs. It also has pumped supply from various stages of the sewage works allowing full scale testing of pilot plant facilities. The ETRG also has a dedicated GC-MS and access to other analytical facilities such as ICP-MS, LC-MS and molecular biology laboratories.

Wastewater processing lab

Environmental Technology Research Projects PDF 891KB

Examples of our research, including Phytoremediation of Contaminated Soils and Sediments, Sustainable Drainage Systems, Sewage Treatment Systems, Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater Processing


Environmental Management

The work of the Environmental Management Research Group ranges from ecotourism, through to sustainability appraisal and coastal zone management.

Environmental Management Research Projects PDF 482KB

Examples of our research, including Sustainability Assessment of Waste Management, and Sediment Dynamics in Estuaries