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Materials, Structures and Geotechnics


The Materials, Structures and Geotechnics (MSG) Research Group is active in carrying out research on advanced fibre composites in engineering structures; on composite adhesive joints and repairing technologies; on fibre composite panel systems in buildings and fibre composite sandwich panels in bridges, both contributing to the development of a low carbon construction industry, and in the fundamental study into the damage mechanics of fibre composites, and the investigation of ultra high performance fibre reinforced concretes for the safety and security of structures.

Fire structural engineering research focuses on establishing calibrated thermo-mechanical numerical simulation procedures to predict behaviour during fires. The MSG group is also active in challenging the developments of advanced constructional materials, fibre composite structures and geotechnical stability and testing.

Geotechnics lab

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Advanced Composite Structures (ACS) PDF 414KB
Construction Materials Engineering (CME) PDF 250KB
Safety and Security Engineering (SSE) PDF 496KB
Geotechnical Stability and Testing (GST) PDF 641KB

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Research staff

  • Heman Mamand
  • Yijian Gao
  • Michael Tay
  • Lei Mao
  • Beatriz Escudero Fernández
  • Stephen Bundy
  • Humoud Al-Dahaini