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The School of Civil Engineering and Surveying at the University of Portsmouth are hosting a series of workshops to consider the development of flood risk communication approaches in the UK. The aim of the workshops is to assess the needs and criteria of flood stakeholder groups through co-creative processes, to help visualise flood risk effectively. This participatory process is designed to identify visualisation techniques to help improve our resilience to increasing flood risk, using the island city of Portsmouth to pilot this study.

The effective communication of flood risk offers the opportunity to ensure communities can adapt and respond appropriately to changing local conditions. At a time of diminishing resources, such local responses, which can empower communities and make them more resilient to uncertain future flood events, are vital.

The proposed project will draw on a Royal Geographic Society Environment and Sustainability Grant recently awarded to Dr Sarah Percival, which will cover the costs associated with holding the workshops, including travel and subsistence. We are looking for local/national administrations, industry partners and academic institution members that share the same focus and are willing to participate in this project to advance knowledge in hazard, vulnerability and risk communication. We have drafted a positioning statement which can be used by all stakeholders as basis to progress our discussion.

Key aims

Stemming from the general aim stated in the positioning statement, the objective is to have three workshops over a period of 12 months (to be held at the University of Portsmouth), at which we will explore and model stakeholder flood risk objectives for Portsmouth, present and trial state of the art visualisation techniques of flood risk information for Portsmouth, and establish a visualisation shortlist for successful flood risk communication in Portsmouth.

The preliminary workshop will be held in Portland Building at the University of Portsmouth on the 1st November from 12:30-4:30pm If you wish to participate please email Dr Sarah Percival.


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