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Dr Ayman Nassif

  • Qualifications: PhD, BEng Civil Engineering, Engineering Council (UK) Part III examinations.
  • Role Title: Principal Lecturer, Admissions Tutor
  • Address: Portland Building, Portland Street, Portsmouth (UK) PO1 3AH
  • Telephone: ++44 (0)23 9284 2392
  • Email:
  • Department: School of Civil Engineering and Surveying
  • Faculty: Faculty of Technology


My teaching experience spans 23 years in structural engineering (both analysis and design) at all undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including both buildings and bridges in concrete and in steel.

I have been teaching at the University of Portsmouth since 1997 and before at the University of London-QMC where I obtained my PhD degree in Structural Fire Engineering in 1996. From October 2003 to October 2004, I was seconded to the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Testing and Research (EMPA) to lead a Fire Structural Engineering research project involving full-scale fire testing and numerical thermomechanical simulation of behaviour of structures during fires.

I work as a principal consultant for University of Portsmouth Enterprise Limited (UPEL). I carried out consultancy projects related to the assessment and design of structures as well as the determination of mechanical and microstructure properties of various materials including weak-rocks and hard-soils from Dubai.

I previously worked as a structural engineer in the UK involved in design, fabrication and construction of steel telecommunication towers and portal frames. I worked in Finland with the State Waterways and Highways Administration where I had experience in design and construction of roads and bridges. I worked in Egypt, employed by Skanska and SamCrete, on various construction sites adopting novel construction methods. In Egypt, I also worked as Irrigation Engineer to design and construct novel irrigation system by drippers to cultivate the desert between Cairo and Alexandria as part of the food security efforts.

My industrial research and consultancy experience includes:

  • assessment of fire damaged structures;
  • assessment of dams damaged by Alkali Aggregate Reaction;
  • assessment of the integrity of cast-stone (stone-faced concrete);
  • assessment of damaged buildings and bridges;
  • deformability characteristics of weak-rocks;
  • thermo-mechanical finite element modelling of buildings during fires;
  • and stability of box girder bridges (non-linear finite element analysis).

My industrial experience (mainly in the UK, as well as Switzerland, Finland, and Egypt), includes:

  • Structural design (both concrete and steel) according to Eurocodes EC2, EC3 and EC4;
  • Site supervision of construction of buildings (Egypt and UK), roads (Finland), bridges (Finland), and telecommunication towers (UK) and irrigation systems (Egypt);
  • Full-scale fire testing and fire certification (Switzerland).

My teaching and learning research focuses on:

  • Visualization and object-linked construction of knowledge;
  • Graduate competencies.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Behaviour of Structures, MEng/BEng Level 5
  • Advanced Engineering Science, MEng Level 7
  • Professional Development 2
  • Professional Development 3
  • Research Methods and Individual Project
  • Supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate research projects
  • Member of the School Executive Group
  • Admissions and Recruitment Tutor (undergraduate)
  • Other teaching and assessment duties related to: M/BEng Civil Engineering, BEng Construction Engineering Management and MSc in Civil Engineering with Structural Engineering


  • Behaviour, assessment and repair of damaged and/or deteriorated structures
  • Ultrahigh Performance Concrete
  • Numerical simulation of the thermal and thermomechanical transient behaviour of buildings during fires
  • Optimization of box girders bridges diaphragms
  • Graduate competencies

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