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Cisco Academy

Students working together in the computer networks lab,
The Cisco Networking Academy is an official partnership between the School of Computing and Cisco Systems

Preparing students to become industry certified networking professionals

Computer networks are central to modern IT systems. Networks have helped to create global industries and have transformed the way many businesses operate today. The growing scale and complexity of networking technologies require highly skilled professionals to design, secure, and maintain such systems. With an increasing shortage of networking engineers, computer networking qualifications are at a premium.

Cisco Networking Academy programme was established in 1997 to prepare students for careers in networking and IT. Nowadays, Cisco certifications are among the most recognised in industry, with many employers requiring these qualifications. Obtaining a Cisco certification can significantly expand your career prospects and increase salary levels.

Our Networking Academy blends face-to-face teaching with web-based curriculum, hands-on lab exercises, and Internet-based assessment. Students can practice, experiment, learn and share their work using our bespoke networking labs equipped with the latest Cisco networking devices. The teaching is delivered by fully qualified Cisco Academy instructors.


  • Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)


  • CCNA Security
  • CCNA Cyber Operations
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)


If you are interested in the Academy courses, please email Dr Rinat Khusainov

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