School of Computing


Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics

The Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics is a multidisciplinary research group. Our broad aim is to bring our information systems and computer science expertise to bear to make easier some of the day-to-day jobs involved in healthcare delivery and administration. To achieve this we:

  • Establish and maintain links with healthcare and social care professionals to keep abreast of their problems and needs;
  • Conduct research to investigate new solutions to relevant problems;
  • Provide knowledge transfer services to organisations and individuals in the health and social care sector that wish to adopt information, communication and sensing technologies.

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Healthcare Modelling and Informatics

Computational Intelligence Research Group


Our research activities cover a broad range of topics such as data mining, neural networks, fuzzy systems, evolutionary optimization, machine learning, pattern recognition, user-adaptive systems, computer graphics, computer vision and bioinformatics, all collectively brought under a common denominator which encompasses intelligent, nature and biology inspired methods and approaches in investigating, modelling and simulating complex systems that enhance learnability, adaptability and autonomicity.

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Network and Security Research Group

Our research group is interested in the design and development of novel technological advancement that appears in everyday devices with embedded power of computation, advanced sensing, and communication.

This involves a broad spectrum of perspectives ranging from wireless and mobile computing, constant Internet connectivity and connectivity to services in large scale distributed systems, secure infrastructures, sensing and reactive environments, and human interaction modelling.

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Pervasive Computing

Systems and Information Systems Research Group

Systems and Information Systems

The Systems and Information Systems Research Group (SIS) focuses on the practice, philosophy and methodological concerns of information processing; including informing theory, research method, systems analysis, systems security, digital forensic, e-commerce and e-government systems relevant to organisational, technological and cultural applications.

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Postgraduate Research Degrees

At the University of Portsmouth there's a wide selection of research degrees for you to choose from, including PhD and MRes options. Find out which type of research degree is right for you and what's involved. 

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