School of Creative Technologies

Athena Swan

Athena Swan Bronze Member

In October 2016, the School of Creative Technologies was awarded the Athena SWAN bronze award. This means that the school adheres to the Athena SWAN Charter principles – recognising advancements of gender equality, representation, progression, and success for all.

The school’s Self-Assessment Team (SAT) is responsible for putting together the Athena SWAN application comprised of seven women and 5 men from a range of CT disciplines and Academic grades. SAT is chaired by Jenn Feray (Senior Lecturer) and Jane Stevenson (Lecturer).

We believe that by encouraging and enhancing diversity, equality, and inclusivity, we will create a better environment for students and staff.

Over the next three years our Action Points to create this environment are:

  1. To increase equality in school recruitment
  2. To encourage career progression in the school
  3. To reflect and increase awareness of Athena SWAN Charter principles
  4. To improve the gender balance of students across all courses
  5. To ensure the awareness and adherence of students with regards to the Athena SWAN Charter principles 

The school will monitor and assess the impact of these actions, as well as monitor progress against the Athena SWAN Charter principles through gender and culture survey. 


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