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Industrial Bursary

Industrial Bursary Scheme

Key Advantages of the Sandwich and Bursary Scheme

The key advantages of the sandwich version of the course, which requires an Industrial Placement in year 3, are:

  • direct links to potential employers through the bursary and sandwich
  • £1,750 per year when studying at Portsmouth in Year1, 2 & 4
  • paid employment in year 3
  • potential to enhance your exit award by combining practice with theory
  • an enhanced employability profile obtained during placement year
  • normally an enhanced graduate salary due to relevant experience gained


Associated with the B.Eng Engineering Geology & Geotechnics (sandwich) course is an Industrial Bursary Scheme which gives financial support to successful students of £1,750 per year in the form of a bursary. In addition, the sponsor members will provide vacation employment and training to the bursary students together with the placement in year 3.

For those wishing to be considered for an Industrial Bursary it is likely that key qualifications for success will be Maths and Physics A-level but this is not mandatory and each applicant will be assessed on merit rather than strict adherence to qualifications. There is a separate online application and interview process for the scholarship scheme as outlined below. Interviews for the Industrial Bursary Scheme will be held in March/April prior to start in October of the same year.

All potential Industrial Bursary students should first apply to join the University of Portsmouth Engineering Geology and Geotechnics degree course through UCAS and should then submit a bursary application form before the end of February. You will receive a link to the online application form with your offer e-mail from our admissions team. All offers of an Industrial Bursary are conditional on you joining the undergraduate Engineering Geology and Geotechnics (sandwich) degree at Portsmouth. You may defer entry if taking a gap year.

The interview day will be held at the offices of the Geological Society at Burlington House, Piccadilly, London. The information supplied by you will be handled in accordance with the University’s data protection protocol and will be treated as strictly confidential.

To ensure that your application for a Bursary is given equal consideration you should submit your online application to us by 12 midnight on the last working day in February.

Matching Process

During October in Year 1 of the course the bursary students will be matched to a company facilitated by a matching day.

The matching process and the finding out about each other is completed through informal contact during the day and over lunch (Employers and students sit at mixed lunch tables and students rotate between courses). Employers see the student details before the day (provided by the University of Portsmouth) and have their "targets" identified. Students will also be expected to have researched the sponsor companies.

Each student and each industrial sponsor will then be required to submit a preference list to the University. The University will then produce a matrix of the choices and will match a student to an Alliance member.

Prior to the end of December the company will normally arrange an orientation visit for the student.


The industrial partners will be responsible for arranging placements for their bursary student for normally eight weeks during the summer at the end of Year 1 (between June and the end of August) and normally 44 weeks at the end of Year 2.


We have developed a unique relationship with a growing number of engineering companies throughout the UK and overseas. These companies value and support our course and this scheme and regularly employ our graduates. The Industrial Bursary Scheme is apartnership between the University of Portsmouth, our industrial partners and the Geological Society of London. The current list of industrial partners offering a Bursary and placement to students is as follows: