School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Outreach and liaison

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The University of Portsmouth has a very strong commitment to providing outreach activities and education liaison events for school and college pupils of all ages, and this ethos is carried forward within the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES).

We aim to provide activities that will enthuse young people about subjects, working closely with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) network ( We also have two internal STEM ambassadors.

Given the broad scope of subject areas that we cover, we provide outreach talks and workshops in the fields of environmental science, geology, geological hazards, engineering geology & geotechnics, palaeontology and physics. We promote not only the fundamental STEM principles and theory of the subject areas, but also focus upon their application in the real world.

We provide a wide range of activity types at different levels, from subject-specific talks for mature audiences belonging to professional and amateur clubs and societies, to hands-on activities for children of primary and secondary school age, and careers-oriented talks to help A-level students with their university choices.

Talks and workshops are provded by our teaching staff, researchers and postgraduates on request.  As such, and due to the constraints of teaching and research in a busy and thriving department (with around 500 enrolled students), we encourage prospective schools/colleges to visit our department here in Portsmouth where we can not only provide the activity agreed upon, but also show visitors our extensive suite of resources, laboratories and analytical equipment.

In the first instance any requests for outreach activities should be emailed to the University’s Education Liaison and Outreach Team, who can help with outreach in any subject area or you can visit their webpages.

The Outreach Coordinator for SEES is Dr Tony Butcher.