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Young Fatherhood & Masculinity: A Global Conversation

Young Fatherhood & Masculinity: A Global Conversation
School of Education and Childhood Studies 2018 Conference
Thursday, 14th June 2018

Traditionally, mainstream literature understand parenthood as motherhood, mirroring a similar trend whereby gender is synonym for woman. However, gender norms appear to be shifting in South Africa, as suggested for example, by the rise of female employment and female-headed households. Focusing on young fatherhood is thus a lens through which we can, not only ascertain how individuals understand the social and cultural norms that define their options, but also understand how they contribute to redefining and changing such norms.

This event brings together scholars who currently work on masculinity - both in the UK and internationally, and who are looking to continue a necessary dialogue about the role played by fatherhood. The event builds on the assumption that a consideration of fatherhood is necessary to develop a realistic understanding of how parenthood reproduces or challenges existing gender norms. The space created here will lead, we hope, to the strengthening of an international community.

Attendance is free and lunch will be provided.

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