School of Education and Sociology

Symposium 2013

SECS Symposium 2013: Empowering Learners to Learn - Equal Opportunities for All!

Monday 15th July 2013

Our key note speakers were Prof Helen Cowie, a renowned expert on inclusion in schools and bullying, and Dr Jo Watson, a specialist in occupational therapy in education.

Speakers and parallel themes:

  • Professor Helen Cowie (University of Surrey): "The Role of Peer Support in Challenging Bullying"
  • Dr Jo Watson (University of Southampton): "Widening Participation and Social Inclusion"
  • Parallel 1: Well-being, gender and equality
  • Parallel 2: Learning, inclusion and Gifted & Talented students
  • Parallel 3: Inclusion in HE
  • Parallel 4: Empowering learners - ‘Research in Action’

Resources from the Symposium

DescriptionFile Size
The Role of Peer Support in Challenging Bullying Helen Cowie PDF, 589KB
Widening Participation and Social Inclusion Dr Jo Watson PDF, 323KB
Valuing Diversity Tanya Riordan PDF, 151KB