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Dr Naheem Jabbar

  • Qualifications: BA (University of Birmingham), PhD (University of Birmingham)
  • Role Title: Senior Lecturer in Sociology
  • Address: Park Building, King Henry 1st Street, Portsmouth PO1 2DZ
  • Telephone: 023 9284 6093
  • Email:
  • Department: School of Education and Sociology
  • Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Naheem looks at some of the obstacles to distributive justice in the Global South with a focus, in particular, on minority rights and the prospect for inclusion of subaltern classes in South Asian societies. Before joining the Sociology team at Portsmouth in 2013, he completed his AHRB funded doctorate on the uses of cultural nationalism by South Asian writers at the University of Birmingham. Naheem has convened and lectured courses in Sociology, English and Cultural Studies. His focus these days is on the state's disciplinary formation of citizenship and the ways in which Muslims respond to this imperative post 9/11. Whether it is the way Indian history-writing makes use of the past to challenge colonial rule, or how groups at the margins of society in Britain and in Pakistan adapt to the global technologies of surveillance, Naheem explores the functional paradox of power and how these affect our modern understanding of tradition, human rights and democracy.

Teaching Responsibilities

In addition to providing the third year module, 'Race, Ethnicity and Power: Global Inequalities' and in the second year, a module on ‘Transnational Elites and Social Inequality,’ Naheem contributes lectures to a second year module, 'Race, Ethnicity and Society'. He also teaches on two first year modules, 'Studying Society, Theorising Social Life.’ Naheem is also second year tutor.


Naheem is currently principal investigator on faculty projects at Portsmouth which explore two issues of frontline societal significance for civil society in Pakistan and for global initiatives that are designed to combat terrorism: Christian minority experience in Lahore and the decisional impact of the Capital Development Authority on the populations of Islamabad’s katchi abaadis or informal settlements.

The studies in Lahore explore the impact of state security on community cohesion in Youhanabad, as well as exploring what remedial efforts are possible in countering communal violence through educational practices in local schools. In Islamabad, the focus is on the strategies adopted by civil society actors, including Left activists and the NGOs – that act as welfare organisations concerned with service delivery – to see how the constitutional right to shelter is only meaningful if mechanisms of enforcement are based on a consensus from all sectors of society.

Where possible, this qualitative work is about recovering the 'hidden transcript' of practices, gestures and rituals amongst subordinated groups as they come into traumatic contact with new forms of state domination.

Naheem is interested in looking anew at the concerns below in order to open up new ways of understanding how the utilitarian norms of colonial modernity shape the lives of ordinary people in Britain and in South Asia today.

  • Islam
  • Subaltern Movements
  • Postcolonial Histories
  • Global Inequalities and Development
  • Third World nationalisms
  • Terrorism

In addition to representing the membership of the research cluster ‘Security, Citizenship and Social Justice’ for the Centre for European and International Studies Research, he is a contributing member of the group CRaB (Citizenship, Race and Belonging). Naheem is currently supervising PhD students on the following subjects: 

  • Sarra-Menal Ferkache: The Community of Values: Documenting Syrian Refugee Experience in Algeria
  • Aram Ghaemmaghami: Prevent and the Road to Radicalisation in the UK: A Contrastive Analysis of Modelling and Impact of Counter-Terrorism Strategy at the Local Community Level

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