Manufacturing Club

Students working at Manufacturing Club
Manufacturing Club is organised by students in the School of Engineering with support from academic and technical staff

Develop your making, modelling and machining skills

The main aim of Manufacturing Club is to offer a more informal opportunity for engineering students to explore ideas and share interests.

It's an excellent way for students to experiment with materials, further explore the processes and facilities that are covered in core units, and to collaborate on extracurricular projects.

The club is designed to stimulate curiosity, questions and discussions. The advanced manufacturing facilities that are available include:

  • Layer Additive (LA) machines (3D printers)
  • Laser sintering machine
  • CNC milling machines
  • Mitutoyo CMM
  • Materials testing machines
  • Zeiss 3D micro CT imaging

Extracurricular activities supplement your degree studies and broaden your knowledge - which is appealing to prospective employers. Whether working independently or collaboratively, Manufacturing Club is perfect for students who enjoy problem-solving challenges or who would just like extra lab time.

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